jobsdb Reveals Top 10 Most Aspired Companies in 2017, Offers Tips to Attract & Retain Talents

jobsdb Reveals Top 10 Most Aspired Companies in 2017, Offers Tips to Attract & Retain Talents
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 10 November, 2017

          Bangkok, Thailand 9 November 2017 - jobsDB (Thailand) Company Limited, which has operated one of Asia’s leading job websites, today reveals the top 10 most aspired companies among Thais. Occupying the first two places on this employers of choice ranking are Thai companies. The list also reflects that technology, digital, automotive and telecom companies have still been Thai employees’ favorites. To get talented employees, employers are advised to develop not just quality corporate culture but also the right attitudes.

Most Aspired Companies in 2017

          jobsDB (Thailand) conducted a survey among job seekers across various age groups in May, 2017, to determine which companies are the most aspired ones and which factors contribute to their popularity. Of all respondents, 7 percent are baby boomers or those aged over 50 years, 49 percent are Gen X people or those aged between 34 and 49 years old, 27 percent are Gen Y or those aged between 26 and 33 years old, and 16 percent are Gen Z members whose age is between 18 and 25 years old only. The survey has found that PTT, the national energy company, is Thailand’s most popular employer among job seekers. The second most popular company is SCG, which is widely known for product quality development and its belief in the value of the individual. Both PTT and SCG are large enterprises.

          Google Thailand, the world-class search engine company, is the third most popular employer in Thailand this year. Its ranking climbs up by one spot from a year earlier, as it is outstanding both in terms of product and corporate culture. Ranked 4th on the list is Toyota Motor Thailand. While its parent company is based in Japan, it is the automaker with biggest acceptance on Thai soil.

          Hailed from the telecom sector, Total Access Communication Plc (dtac) has risen up from the 9th place last year to the 5th on the Most Aspired Companies ranking this year. This is the company with the vision to transform Thailand into a proud digital society. On the 6th spot is CP ALL, which operates a famous chain of convenience stores. The 7th most popular employer is Advance Info Service Plc (AIS) or Thailand’s biggest telecom/digital lifestyle service operator. 

          Thai Airways International, the country’s leading carrier, sits in the 8th spot this year while Unilever Thai Trading, a top consumer-products leader, occupies the 9th place. Known as a leading environmentally-friendly automaker, Honda Automobile (Thailand) is the 10th employer of choice in 2017. 

          Similar surveys across Asia reveal that multinational company with a SEEK Asia focus have been dominant employers of choice among job seekers. Their percentage in the Most Aspired Companies list is no less than that of local companies. Findings, in particular, show that telecom/digital tech companies rank high on the list in every country. For example, Google is No. 1 in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, No. 3 in Thailand Indonesia and the Philippines, and No. 4 in Vietnam. The world-class consumer-products company has also ranked among the top 10 in all Asian countries covered by the surveys. Local companies that enjoy huge popularity among job seekers are either in telecom and banking services or linked to really big companies.

          Mrs. Noppawan Chulakanista, Managing Director of jobsDB (Thailand), says it is clear from the findings that the Top 10 Most Aspired Companies in Thailand are big famous companies. She says these companies have been popular thanks to public confidence in their organization, their image, their development and their overseas business expansions. New-generation job seekers who have solid knowledge and abilities believe working for such companies will allow them to pursue career advancement and clinch success. These job seekers are well ready to embrace challenges along the way.

Most Aspired Companies in 2017

          In the survey, Thai respondents say they look for career-advancement opportunities, job security, flexibility, nice work environment, great colleagues, and employers’ good governance when applying for jobs. The findings reflect that the environment at workplaces is a crucial factor in efforts to attract and retain qualified human resources. Work-life balance is also a key factor when people choose which company to work for. Employers, therefore, should consider creating motivational factors to attract job seekers as such approach will give them more alternatives in strengthening their workforce.

Most Aspired Companies in 2017

          Fresh graduates who participated in the survey said they would apply to companies with career-advancement opportunities, professional management, outstanding leaders, and quality colleagues because these things would enhance their skills and experiences.

          At present, several organizations have been trying to develop a solid identity, identify its distinctive value for its good reputation, and also offer interesting remuneration, career advancement as well as self-improvement opportunities for the purpose of establishing themselves as employers of choice. This is because when landing a job at the company they want, people will naturally work to the fullest of their abilities to help their employer achieve its goals.

          “Organizations, big and small alike, should pay attention to all aforementioned factors if they want to attract talents. Importantly, employers should also adjust their corporate culture to suit the lifestyle of working people. It should be noted that while the distinctive character of an organization can boost its reputation, a solid foundation means much more because job seekers want job security. In the past, job seekers simply hoped their employers would allow them to enjoy the work-life balance and nice work environment. But today, new-generation people focus on career advancement. They, as a result, appreciate challenging jobs and look for convenient job rotations within organizations. They believe if they are allowed to handle the jobs of others in the same department, they will get opportunities to learn new things and exchange knowledge with experienced colleagues. Along the way, they will get exposed to new perspectives and new work techniques. Some job seekers, in addition, want employers that encourage creativity, welcome different opinions, allow experiments on new work approach, and embrace innovations. Some other job seekers appreciate employers that allow employees’ participation in work process and decision making. This way, they feel proud about their contributions to the employers’ success,” Mrs. Noppawan adds.

          According to the survey, job seekers mainly rely on online channels in their searches for company information. About 34 percent of respondents say they know about the reputation of a company via job websites or the company’s website. Some 24 percent others, so far, say words of mouth give them the information. Up to 11 percent of respondents say the quality of product and services they are using can tell something about the manufacturer or service provider. They therefore have taken this into account when choosing a prospective employer. About nine percent others say they learn about a company from family members or friends who work there.

          Findings from the latest most aspired companies survey also underline a need for employers to pay attention to job websites. These sites are forums whereby companies can boost their credibility in the eyes of job seekers, after all. Today, job websites prove real popular. Job seekers mainly use such platforms because they feature a comprehensive range of job positions and basic information on employers. They can thus study company information before deciding  whether to submit a job application. To job seekers, job websites provide all the basic information on companies. To employers, job websites thus can help boosting their image and credibility.

          “jobsDB knows full well that the image of an organization is now crucial as various companies compete to get the most qualified candidates. We, therefore, have decided to help organizations attract the attention of job seekers who browse into our platform by encouraging our visitors to check out the websites of their prospective employers.  For employers, we have recommended them to use jobsDB BrandedAd so that job seekers get notification about their job-application status. All at the same time, the company will know whether those job seekers still actively follow up on the status,” Mrs. Noppawan concludes.

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