The One Secret To Staying Happy In Your Job

The One Secret To Staying Happy In Your Job
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 03 February, 2021

           With the current pandemic well underway, the levels of job satisfaction have significantly decreased. According to our COVID-19 report released in August 2020, the percentage of those currently employed but unhappy with their jobs have increased to 38% specifically during this period versus 9% prior to the pandemic. 

Happy in Job

           While the numbers reflect a pessimistic outlook, there is one secret that is still keeping most employees within their own organization, and that is: purpose.  

           Whether it be financial reasons, career growth, or alignment between your moral code and your organisation’s, job satisfaction rises when there is a ‘why’ behind why you work. 

           Are you driven by passion and purpose? These three points may help answer the question.

Value propositions

           What values do you care about, and does your work align with these values? Are you happy in your job? Conscientiousness is a trait valued by most organizations, and is the key to your eventual success. It is defined as being ‘thorough, careful, and vigilant,’ and is also the bridging factor between you and your employer. It is that systematic, inner knowing that you are looking out not just for your own well-being, but for your organization’s too. Conscientiousness happens when there is a clear and defined union between what you value and what your company values. 

           It’s not just in what you value, too. Does the company show signs you are valued at work? Do they appreciate what you do? You know your company takes care of you when there is equal pay for work of equal value, a corresponding give-and-receive relationship where you are rewarded well for the positive contributions you have shared. 

Find your motivation and build your skills for it

           Is there a ‘why’ behind your work? According to author and leadership strategist Dan Pontefract, he illustrates three mindsets people adapt in their career:

  • Job Mindset: You work to fulfill your financial needs. Whether it be your compensation or the company benefits, it is a priority that fuels your reason to work. 
  • Career Mindset: Furthering your career and growing to move forward is the reason why you want to stay in your current line of work. Additionally, a promise of promotion may add to the pros of why your job works at this time. 
  • Purpose Mindset: You live to serve and pure passion and love for your job works. 

           After you have determined your purpose, it’s time to harness your skills. Amid fluid shifts within the industries, most companies are going for automation and most skills-based work can now be done in a snap. Most employers are looking for job seekers that provide a passionate outlook along with innately ‘human’ skills that are multipurpose in nature, or better known as transferable skills.

So when you have time to yourself, dedicate a portion of it to evaluating whether you are just working because your muscle memory serves you well, or if there is a reason why you are still sticking it out. Managing vision and purpose along with a genuine interest in your job can definitely lead you down a more prosperous and well-defined path. 

Reaping The Rewards

           Even with passion in mind, there is still much weight when we say that hard work still must be paid off. Are you fairly compensated for the work you put in? Personal value and financial value may well be one of the oldest partnerships in the book, but it still rings true today. The pandemic has stirred up a lot of change in pay grades with a whopping 45% of employees negatively affected in terms of remuneration. 

           So make sure that your passion and purpose are positively reinforced and rewarded each and every time, because financial security is just as important, especially today. 

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