Recruitment service appeals to mobile users

Recruitment service appeals to mobile users
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 19 September, 2014

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          Mobility is a keyword of today's workforce, and the number of job seekers using mobile devices to look for employment is rising.

          According to an Asia-wide survey commissioned by, an online job recruitment service, the number of Thais using mobile devices in their employment search has increased 320% in the past year.

          The number of mobile web visits to jobsDB in Thailand has increased 50% in the past year and the mobile site's job application service has increased 500% across Asia, according to Jake Andrew, head of product at jobsDB.

          Noppawan Chulakanista, managing director at jobsDB Thailand, said the survey found most users are those actively seeking employment, while 48% are exploring possibilities but not actively searching and 17% are settled in their current job.

          Tuesday and Wednesday, she said, are the days during which users are most active in online job hunts. The top three areas for employment searches are engineering, sales and customer service, and admin and HR.

          A number of new job areas, including digital market and search engine optimisation, and marketing, are experiencing a lack of qualified candidates, Noppawan said.

          These are the new kinds of jobs that have been born in line with the [digital world] and jobs that are specialised, especially those that need two skill sets such as engineering sales, pharmaceutical sales and those who can speak a third language," she said. Noppawan said digital ad spending is expected to increase 13% globally by the end of 2013, but in Thailand that figure is expected to be around 34%.

          In keeping with the growing traffic of online job hunting, Andrew said that the mobile site and mobile app of jobsDB offer similar services, although the layout and visual designs of each are slightly different. The jobsDB app, however, does offer additional features which allow users a more personalised interaction, such as the ability to update their resumes on the go and setting email alerts.

          "With the app, [users are attached to their] own phone _ we know who you are _ but with the site, we have to make sure the log-in is there," he said. Andrew said the jobsDB mobile app runs much better on iOS and Android because it offers a cleaner, more modern look.

          In Thailand, mobile penetration, a term used to describe the number of active mobile phone numbers within a specific population, is around 120%, while smartphone penetration is about 27% and increasing.

          JobsDB users who do not have smartphones are able to use the service's sites devoted to basic feature phones that perform the necessary functions, Andrew said.

          "For the feature phone site, you can search, apply and do all the basic things, such as save your resume on your computer's desktop and use it quite easily when you log in to your account," he said.

          Andrew said jobsDB aims to create a new mobile experience that brings unique benefits to Thai employers and job seekers.

          "Over 40% of our traffic comes from mobile devices currently, and the new mobile app will enable both employers and job seekers to connect with each other seamlessly. Employers can post job ads while job seekers can apply for jobs on the go anytime and anywhere."


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