Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 26 August, 2014

MockInterviews           The best way to acquire interview skills and master the art of interviewing is to participate in mock interviews. Mock interviews not only help you to perfect your technique, but also provide you with valuable feedback from people you are practicing the interview with.

    • Mock Interview with a Professional

          To acquire and master interview skills, you can also seek professional help. When working with a professional, you get valuable feedback that will help you improve. A professional can not only tell you about your strengths, so that you can capitalize on them, but also about your weaknesses so that you can improve those as well.

          The longer the time you practice mock interviews and have sessions with a professional coach, the sooner you will gain confidence.

    • How to Prepare for a Mock Interview

          A typical mock interview includes an interview with a professional coach that is videotaped and a review tape that has a constructive feedback on your performance. Before you appear for this interview, you should be completely prepared with complete research on the industry/company you are being interviewed for.

          You should also investigate the most common traits that employers seek in their employees - such as communication skills, analytical skills, problem solving, business knowledge and so forth.

          Having answers prepared in advance for common and behavioral questions will help you to face the interviewer confidently and will demonstrate your experience.

    • The Mock Session

          You should dress properly for a mock interview, just as you would for a real one. You should be full of enthusiasm when you greet the employer. Never forget to wear a smile when you appear for an interview.

          Another important point is to listen carefully to what the interviewer asks. You should have a clear idea of exactly what they want to know. If the question is not clear, you should ask for clarification rather than just guessing the answer.

          All your answers should be to the point and concise. You should also be prepared with the questions that you want to ask the interviewer.

    • Feedback

          When you view the interview tape, observe yourself and check if you have been fully successful in portraying yourself exactly as you wanted. When you get feedback on your professional interview, you should listen to it with an open mind and not defensively.

          From your performance in the mock interview, you can learn how a person who does not know you may perceive you. This will help you to improve your presentation and body language.

          If you keep these few points in mind and prepare yourself before you face a mock interview, you can expect to have a successful session. Even after the session, take the feedback positively and in stride. You will slowly but steadily reach interview perfection.

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