Jumping back on your career track: Maximizing the job hunt during COVID-19

Jumping back on your career track: Maximizing the job hunt during COVID-19
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 25 September, 2020
           While the COVID-19 crisis disrupted our ways of working, the world is getting back on its feet. We are adapting to the new normal, each day a chance to find our personal rhythm.
           According to a JobsDB Country Report, most Thai companies have lifted their hiring embargo. Seven percent of organizations that reduced their hiring efforts at the onset of the pandemic are already actively hiring, while others are slowly following suit. Majority (36%) expect to hire within the year, while a small group (14%) shared they were uncertain of when they will actively hire again.

Jumping back on your career track: Maximizing the job hunt during COVID-19

           If you are one of the thousands of people looking for employment during this pandemic, we've got your back. As your recruitment partner, JobsDB is here to help you on your job hunt, and jump right back on your career track.

Ready to get back into the job market? Apply to one of these top five in-demand jobs.

Top 5 in demand jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Admin and Human Resources

2. IT

3. Marketing

4. Sales / Customer Service / Business Development

5a. Hospitality and F&B

5b. Merchandising and Purchasing


Job hunt tips during COVID-19

1. Upskill by enrolling in online courses

           Take online courses to best prepare you for jobs that are relevant and in demand. For instance, now that people are heavily relying on digital services, consider technical training to prepare you for a digital career. Marketing jobs are also in demand, so you can take marketing training if you want to grow your career in that path. Human resources jobs top our list. If you intend to grow your career in admin and human resources, you can also improve on soft skills such as emotional intelligence.

2. Build your online network

           Connect with professionals in your field, including recruiters, advisors, and subject matter experts. Not only will they guide you to where the work is, they will also be more inclined to share career advice. Get expert advice when you learn from these professionals. Look around you--they're most likely in your circle!

3. Groom your resume

           Upgrade your CV and professional profile on JobsDB. Optimize it in a way that it's easier for you to go on your job hunt. It's easy to do so on your JobsDB profile—which also serves as a resume template—so you don't miss out on important job details. Make sure it's updated so that recruiters will see your complete profile! The more complete it is, the higher the chances a hirer will notice your job application.

           Are you a fresh graduate? Here’s how you can write a standout resume even with no work experience.

4.Prepare for your virtual interviews

           After sending out your job application, it's time to prepare yourself for the interview. Take these steps for a seamless online interview:

  • Review common interview questions to help you craft your answer.
  • Re-read the job description and match it with your experience. This way, you can easily recall it when the hirer asks about your past roles. Ensure it's relevant to the job you are applying for so that the recruiter will notice that you are a great fit.
  • Prepare for the technical side of the job interview. Make sure you have a mobile device or laptop, with the required app to take the interview from, as well as a stable internet connection. It will also help to inform your family or housemates that you have an important call on this date, so you can have a quiet interview at home.
  • Dress the part. While online interviews are bound to be the norm while most companies are working from home, appearance and body language still matters in making a good impression.

           For more expert advice on how to manage the challenges of living and working during the pandemic, visit the COVID-19 Career Resources Hub.

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