Growing Together

Growing Together…Happiness Index of Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd.

Employee Retention

By Khun Sairoung Punthumaphol Director, Human Resources           Throughout 125 years of establishment, Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd. has been presenting a promise of “Growing Together” to all of our employees. Starting from family own to a corporate operating all over SEA, we never forget to prioritize our people – with

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How to Seek Job for the Newbie Job Hunter

Job Hunting Strategies

          Congratulations! You’ve just finished roughly four years of grueling college life. You’re probably eager to take on the corporate world, mapping your career and planning your future. Before you think that far, you’d do well to prepare yourself.


How to Get Started as a Engineer Consultant [2]

Engineer Jobs

          Consultants fill a unique role in the business landscape. They come in when they are needed, put their unique skills to use solving problems for a day or a week or a year, and then disappear back into the night (or the local airport).


Unemployment Benefits from Social Security Organisation

Legal Matters

          Criteria and Entitlement Benefits have made contributions towards unemployment for not less than 6 months within a period of 15 months prior to unemployment

Job Market Outlook

jobsDB Thailand Reveals Employers/Job Seekers’ View of job market and Employment, comparing Thailand & Other ASEAN Nations

jobsDB Movement

          8 September 2017: Bangkok, Thailand – jobsDB (Thailand) Company Limited, a leading job website e, revealed a survey result suggesting a sluggish labor market for several ASEAN nations. While the region gets a grim employment situation, Thai employers are more optimistic that employment will expand well in Thailand this year.