How to Overcome a Poor Performance Review

Overcome-Poor-Performance          Performance appraisals are uncomfortable for both the person receiving the appraisal and the one giving the appraisal. An appraisal is particularly unpleasant when it is a negative one.

          A negative performance appraisal is can be the prelude to a demotion or even a dismissal from your job. If you are unfortunate enough to receive a poor performance appraisal, you are not without options to response or to recover from that appraisal.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A can-do attitude about turning around your performance.
  • A list of accomplishments that support your performance.

          Here are some steps that will help you overcome a poor appraisal.

          Step 1 Keep your cool when you receive a negative appraisal. Do not make a scene, raise your voice or stalk out of the meeting.

          Step 2 Do not refuse to sign the appraisal form when the appraisal is complete. Your signature does not signify that you agree with the appraisal merely that the appraisal meeting occurred.

          Step 3 Keep a record throughout the year that documents your accomplishments and performance. Bring this information with you to the appraisal meeting.

          Step 4 Ask for an opportunity to meet again the correct any perceptions or mistakes in your performance record. When you have this meeting, support your case with objective information.

          Step 5 Let your boss know that you take responsibility for being a high-performing employee. Let your boss know that you will make whatever changes those need to be made.

          Step 6 Ask to participate in a performance improvement plan, with specific goals and time lines. When the performance improvement plan is in place, make sure that you accomplish everything in the plan and more.

          Step 7 Show up for work every day with a more positive attitude than you had before you received the poor performance appraisal.

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