Maintaining Business Continuity during COVID-19
           JobsDB has surveyed 1,448 candidates and 457 hirers in Thailand to gain insights on how the current global health crisis is affecting how we work. Read on to find out what these changes are—and what you can do to ensure business continuity amid these challenges.

Maintaining Business Continuity during COVID-19

           Nearly all organisations (94%) have implemented various HR changes because of the pandemic. With 52% of staff required to work from home, staff engagement and wellbeing have been affected. Hirers are also experiencing difficulties with teamwork effectiveness and technology.

           Of those surveyed, 36% have experienced a reduction in staff remuneration, including suspension of salary increases (21%) and bonus payments (18%), and reducing staff salaries (20%). To reduce the financial liability on organisations, employees have also been required to take annual/unpaid leave (23%).

Maintaining Business Continuity during COVID-19

           Given all these difficulties and challenges, the proportion of hirers that are happy with their quality of life has dropped substantially from 90% to 58% since COVID-19.

           What, then, should companies do to nurture employee wellbeing, ensure employee productivity and engagement, and maintain business continuity despite the pandemic?

The role of HR in ensuring business continuity

           It is the people in a company that carry out the work needed for a business to flourish. Tasked with motivating and empowering employees, the role of human resources in maintaining business continuity becomes even more critical during crises. Here are some tips on how HR can keep employees connected, engaged, and productive.

  • Make sure that you have a business continuity plan in place.

           A business continuity plan contains the instructions, procedures, and contingencies necessary for an organisation to maintain or quickly resume operations after a major disruption. Given HR’s deep knowledge of and wide perspective on the various departments of an organisation, HR should take a central role in crafting and implementing the business continuity plan.

  • Implement a COVID-19 response plan.

           Whether your company is resuming normal or phased business operations, make sure that your facilities adhere to government-mandated hygiene and sanitation protocols to ensure occupational safety and health.

  • Routinely review work-from-home policies and implement best practices.

           The business landscape is constantly changing because of the pandemic. Examine work processes and employee tools and resources to ensure that they have what is required to perform effectively in this new normal. Is the company focusing more on outputs and deliverables instead of inputs and tasks? Are you maximising collaborative tools to increase productivity and teamwork? With so many employees working from home, have you enhanced cybersecurity and IT support?

  • Foster two-way communication.

           Everybody is doing their best to manage their personal and professional roles during these uncertain times. Encourage employees to voice concerns, ask questions, and propose solutions. Practice empathy when addressing concerns employees may have. Stress that creating and implementing a new way of working is a team effort.

  • Build long-term resiliency within the organisation.

           These challenging times are an opportunity for businesses to emerge stronger and more resilient—be one of those companies. Lead with optimism, integrity, and compassion. Be people- and purpose-driven, fluid and flexible—ready, able, and most importantly, willing to adapt to change.

           History has shown us that crises can bring out the best in people. Encourage, equip, and empower your employees to excel in the face of challenges and uncertainty, thereby maintaining business continuity and building a stronger, more resilient company.

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