The Best Match feature for Even Better Job Matching

          Way to reduce MISMATCHING to get the most relevant candidates by our new Salary Range Field function

          The Best Match Feature is a perfect tool to match the right candidates with the right jobs through the Salary Range Field function. This function is commonly used and has a great success in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia recruitment market.Now, jobsDB launches it in Thailand to enable you to allocate a salary range to your ad so that all relevant job seekers will see your ad!

          Based on our research, we know that when job seekers look for jobs, they prefer to search jobs by salary information so that they can see if it meets their salary expectations.



          That’s why we create the new Best Match feature with Salary Range Field function.



Speed up hiring process

          Spend less time to filter out irrelevant candidates

More relevant candidates

          Attract qualified candidates who match your job requirements specific to the salary range and career levels

Increase ad response

          Attract more job applications as most job seekers prefer to search jobs by salary information