Finding Unexpected Opportunities on Your Way to Work

Finding Unexpected Opportunities on Your Way to Work
JobsDB content teamupdated on 15 September, 2014

Way-to-Work The MRT (Metro Rail Transit)is the fastest though not the most convenient way to travel for work. The MRT is also one of the cheapest forms of commute. Imagine getting to North EDSA from Taft, Pasay for just under php20.00. The city buses charge more and they even longer to get you to where you want to go. It is no wonder thousands of Filipinos take the train every day.

Very few would think about the MRT as a venue for relationships to begin and opportunities to pop up. For the people we met though, the MRT was their train ride to love and career.

Sheena 25 and David 32

Sheena lives in Makati but works in Ortigas as a Copy Writer. She prefers riding the train to work every day. Little did she know that one MRT ride is going to be different from the ones she took previously.   Sheena recalls meeting David, an Accountant at the MRT ticket station in Makati. It was her turn to pay for her ticket at the exact fare counter when she realized she did not have enough coin with her. David, the person next to her, offered to pay for the ticket. She promises to pay him for his trouble but David tells her  to give him her number is good enough. The exchange led to them getting to know each other. Now, Sheena and David ride the MRT together as a couple.

Gracie 30 and Chad 28

Gracie, a call center Trainer in Cubao, tells us how she never imagined reuniting with Chad, her childhood friend at the MRT station. “We practically grew up together but we lost touch after his family went abroad. I was 5 then, now  I’m 30! It’s been 25 years!” she addsChad  remembers bumping into Gracie while rushing to get inside the already closing train door. “It was at the Ayala station. I did a buzzer beating move and bumped into her inside. She looked pretty pissed because apart from bumping her, I also step on her foot” Chad adds with a laugh.  Chad recounts his shock at recognizing his childhood pal. Seeing Gracie again after 25 years was a pleasant. The two had since rekindled their friendship and credits the MRT for reuniting them after so many years.

Joyce, 24 PR Officer

Joyce tells us how she ended up working in a high-profile PR office in Ortigas. Joyce recalls offering her seat to an elderly gentleman  one morning. She was on her way to an interview and was struggling to keep the brown envelope containing her resume from getting all squished up. The elderly man good-naturedly asked her where she was going so she told him.To her surprise, the man asked her to apply to their company instead. The elderly man turned out to be the hiring manager for the PR company she now works for.  Joyce shares her happiness working as a PR Officer and credits that fateful MRT ride for paving the way to her dream career.

Every day is an opportunity to explore life. You will never know what you find if you open your eyes and appreciate the things you see each day, however trivial and repetitive they become. For the people we featured, that single MRT ride has forever changed their lives. The next time you wake up and feel like not reporting for work or just feel lazy about getting up, think about what you might miss out.

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