The Basic Steps To A Successful Interview

The Basic Steps To A Successful Interview
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 22 August, 2014

          Every one would like to have a successful job interview. Here are the basic steps to that successful interview you should know.


    • Make Yourself Presentable

          Ask your prospective employers' office whether the company has a dress code.If so, then dress accordingly. If there is no dress code, then dress in a well-ironed shirt and matching trousers if you are a man. If you are a woman, be sure to wear business-looking attire. Polish your shoes the night before the interview. If you are wearing a tie, use a subtle color that is not flashy or in too much contrast with your clothes. A woman applicant should avoid flashy colors or a style that calls too much attention to itself.

          Your certificates should be arranged neatly in a folder, which should not look worn or torn. Make certain you have showered before you go out the door. Male applicants' beards should look well-tended.

          Avoid perfume and cologne at all costs. Many people are offended by obvious scents; some are allergic to them.

    • Exude Confidence

          Keep your shoulders back and shake hands firmly with your interviewer. Maintain eye contact while talking to him or her. Address the interviewer by title and respect his views. Keep calm and be honest while answering questions. Try to turn any negative aspects into positive ones.

          For example, if you do not have an answer to a particular technical question, you might answer that you will have no problem picking up that skill once the company hires you.

    • Study the Company Beforehand

          Do thorough research on the company that is interviewing you. Study its history, product range, and the kinds of people it is interested in hiring. If you feel that you are a good fit, then go for it; otherwise apply somewhere else.

          There is no point in getting the job and then being unhappy in your work.

    • Let You're Interviewer Need You

          If you have advanced skills for the job, highlight them in your resume and also in your interview. This should make your interviewer think that if he or she hires you, the company will benefit.

          The way you answer questions should also give the impression that the company needs you and your services. Tone it down, however, lest you come across as arrogant.

    • Be Courteous

          Keep a smile on your face. Be courteous and answer all the questions politely. Do not get flustered or angry even though some questions may be designed to trick you. It could be a ruse by your interviewer to check your responses when you are under pressure.

          Do not get into an argument with your interviewer even if you feel he or she is wrong. Do not forget your manners and thank your interviewer as you leave.

    • Write Well

          If you are given a written test, then write in the correct format as required by your interviewer. Avoid errors in spelling and grammar. Keep an extra pen in your folder as a backup and also carry blank sheets of paper. Write neatly and do not make too many cross-outs.

          Think before you write.

    • Observe Your Interviewer

          Keep an eye on your interviewer's expressions to measure how your answers are being received. Watch body language and respond accordingly.

          Interviews are sometimes nerve-wracking, but using these tips just might tip the interview in your favor.

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