vb programmer
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    Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited's banner
    Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited's logo
    • Bachelor/Master’s degree in Computer Science
    • 3-5 years of experience in developing applications
    • Knowledge and regular use of source control
    XSpring Digital Co., Ltd.'s logo
    วัฒนาTHB 55K - 119,999 /เดือน
    • Web Application
    • Senior Developer
    • .Net, Java, VB, Swift, C#
    CTC Global (Thailand) Ltd.'s banner
    CTC Global (Thailand) Ltd.'s logo
    • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
    • Java/VBA/VB/.NET/Python/Robot framework).
    • Opportunity to work with a global tech company.
    Thai GL Co., Ltd.'s banner
    Thai GL Co., Ltd.'s logo
    บางกะปิTHB 30K - 69,999 /เดือน
    • Programmer (C+, C#, PHP, VB, React, .Net, ERP)
    • 5 days work week, Attractive benefit and welfares
    • Mobile Application, Medical Equipment, ERP, SA