process improvement
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    Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s banner
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    • Bachelor’s Degree of computer science
    • 3 years in relevant experience
    • Strong analytical skills and logical thinking
    KASIKORN Business - Technology Group (KBTG)'s banner
    KASIKORN Business - Technology Group (KBTG)'s logo
    • Software process improvement or quality assurance
    • Software development and Quality management
    • Knowledgeable in Agile methodology Scrum, Kanban
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    • Experience in Lean CI, 6Sigma, Black Belt, Etc
    • 2+ Yrs in Operations at Continuous Process Plant
    • 2+ Yrs at MNC w/ Good English Skills
    Le Creuset Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s banner
    Le Creuset Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s logo
    • Promote the good practices sharing at site level
    • Lead complex and diversified Lean Sigma Projects
    • Drive CI Implementation strategy, tool , resources
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