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    1-30 จาก 45 ตำแหน่งงาน
    Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.'s banner
    Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.'s logo
    • Strategic planning for communication campaigns
    • Develop On-line Strategies and SEO campaign
    • Creative idea and art direction in advertising
    Natura Remedee Co., Ltd.'s banner
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    พญาไทTHB 45K - 54,999 /เดือน
    • Oversee and manage the marketing budget
    • Initiate and implement marketing strategy and 360
    • Monitor and analyze sales, market trends
    Richsmile co.,LTD's logo
    • Love to create contents, advertising and communi.
    • Rich experience in online + offline marketing plan
    • Have strong analytical thinking and skills
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