b.grimm power public company limited
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    B.Grimm Power (Angthong) 2,3 Company Limited's banner
    B.Grimm Power (Angthong) 2,3 Company Limited's logo
    • Experience minimum 1 Years in Microsoft 365
    • Working Location: Angthong
    • Manage the electrical system communication system
    B.Grimm Power PCL.'s banner
    B.Grimm Power PCL.'s logo
    • Penetration Tester and Vulnerabilities Management
    • Hybrid working (WFH&Office)
    • 3-5 years of cyber security experience
    B.GRIMM Technologies Company Limited's banner
    B.GRIMM Technologies Company Limited's logo
    • Solar Equipment, Power Quality Solution
    • Business Expansion, Sales Engineer, Key Account
    • Develop new and maintain existing relationship
    B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Limited's banner
    B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Limited's logo
    • Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Marketing
    • SEO,SEM,E-commerce,CRM
    • online marketing activities, agency management
    B.Grimm Trading Corporation Limited's banner
    B.Grimm Trading Corporation Limited's logo
    • Sales Engineer, Sales, Pump, Air-Conditioning, IoT
    • Client Management, Client Acquisition
    • Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering
    B.Grimm Technologies Co., Ltd.'s banner
    B.Grimm Technologies Co., Ltd.'s logo
    • Demand, Analyst, Forecast and Plan
    • monitor inventory level, Supply Planning
    • ensure goods delivery to customers on time
    B.GRIMM Pharma's banner
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    • TA experiences in Healthcare, Pharma Business
    • Competency Based Interview Conduct Experiences
    • Good command of written and spoken English.