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    1-30 จาก 250 ตำแหน่งงาน ที่ the language co ltd
    GLOHOW CO., LTD.'s banner
    GLOHOW CO., LTD.'s logo
    • Making the language contents sleek and on point
    • Fluent in Korean (at or above TOPIK 4)
    • No hierarchy / Work-Life Balance / Multicultural
    Thai Beverage Public Company Limited's banner
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    • Associate or Bachelor’s Degree
    • 5 years of experience in an executive assistant
    • Fluency in the English Language is a must
    Nimble (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s banner
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    • Lead talent acquisition team
    • Experience in Tech/start up company is a plus
    • Work with multi-nationals team
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    หลักสี่THB 20K - 24,999 /เดือน
    • new products, new suppliers.
    • Manage all products, ordering products
    • Excellent Chinese language skills.
    RML (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s banner
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    ยานนาวาTHB 20K - 29,999 /เดือน
    • Incentive,Free breakfast and Lunch
    • Transportation and accomodation support
    • 10% interest on employee saving
    Teledirect Telecommerce (Thailand) Ltd.'s banner
    Teledirect Telecommerce (Thailand) Ltd.'s logo
    • HRD Human Resourcs Development
    • L&D Leaning and Development
    • Training HRD Road Map HRD Roadmap
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