Virtual Assistant to Help With Fulfillment at Growing Start Up

Volume Up Agency, LLC
THB 25,000 - THB 35,000 /เดือน (สามารถต่อรองได้)
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Virtual Assistant to Help With Fulfillment at Growing Start Up

Volume Up Agency, LLC


  • Strong Written Communication Skills
  • Part-time to Full-time Salaried Position
  • Strong Growth Environment


Hey all,

I am looking for a virtual assistant to come on and join the Volume Up Agency team.
  • We are looking for someone with a strong attention to detail to come on and help us execute our fulfillment process.
  • Here at Volume Up Agency, we have developed a system to bring roofing companies per-qualified booked appointments with homeowners looking for a full roof replacement.
  • To deliver this system, we have developed a step by step process to set it up.
  • The person who comes on will be responsible for working with the Volume Up team and following the steps laid out to set up and deliver the system for clients.
  • Everything you will be responsible for has detailed instructions laid out, and you will have one-on-one training from the creator of the system.
  • Training time will be paid for.
  • If you are someone looking to learn or grow your skills in Facebook Ads Manger, this will be the perfect position for you!
  • I am looking for someone with Facebook ads manager experience and Go High Level experience.
  • It is not absolutely necessary to have Facebook ads manager and Go High Level Experience, as all tasks are laid out step by step.
  • I'd love to have someone with strong written communication skills.
Please include the word "Orangutan" in the subject of your application, so that I know you read this.
  • I have quite a few responsibilities to delegate to the proper candidate, but want to start this at part-time, then scale it into a full-time role for the right candidate.
  • I am looking to work with someone for the long term and build a strong relationship.


2 ปี


I've been in the digital marketing space for quite a while, doing everything from web design to content marketing to advertising. About 2 years ago, I started Volume Up Agency. I decided to focus solely on lead generation for home services businesses, because it was the easiest to show value that way with the huge ROI I could bring clients. As I began working with more companies, landscaping, hvac, painting, etc I noticed the roofing space was the most underserved. They only had a few options for generating leads, either use a lead broker like HomeAdvisor, AngieList, etc, or hire a marketing agency that didn't really understand the space.

With HomeAdvisor and AngiesList, roofers were able to get a good volume of leads, but a lot of them that I talked to were disappointed in the quality of the leads.

The leads were shared leads that may not have ever been interested in getting their roof replaced and took hundreds of calls to book and in home estimate with, just for the roofer to show up and the homeowner be off at the market.

With marketing agencies, a lot don't know or understand the roofing space (let alone media buying, facebook and youtube ads), so most marketing agencies could generate 1 lead on a thousand dollar budget with a random person from out of town.

So i made it my mission to enter the roofing space (the one that seemed to need my help the most) and provide a solution that was different, one that actually delivered not only leads, but actual booked appointments with homeowners looking to get a high-value new roof or re-roof job done in the next 30 days. I started specifically off in roofing in June of 2020 (right in the middle of a pandemic) and have been crushing it with my clients ever since.

When we work with roofers, it is our mission to bring them, exclusive, qualified, pre-set quote appointments with homeowners looking to get a high value re-roof job done, so that the roofing company owner can focus on growing their business, instead of wasting all of their time, chasing down leads that just aren't interested.

About the Team

Some quick facts about us:

  • We generate over 8,000 leads a month for local businesses (majority home services)
  • We book in excess of 3,000 appointments a month out of those (not all of our lead flow leverages appointment setting)
  • The team has a combined 30+ years of experience in generating leads and sales for local businesses
  • We've worked in pretty much every vertical you can think of.
  • People working with businesses from the US and Canada all the way to Australia and New Zealand


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