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Trade Specialist

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Trade Specialist

US Embassy Bangkok


  • University degree in international business
  • 5 year of in international business or trade
  • TOEIC score of at least 855 is required


Bangkok-2020-030/ Trade Specialist


SALARY:  Starting from TH฿1,890,087 per annum

WORK HOURS:  40 hours per week

CLOSING DATE:December 17, 2020  


The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is an independent U.S. Government agency that links U.S. businesses to export opportunities by funding project preparation and partnership building activities that develop sustainable infrastructure and foster economic growth in partner countries.  USTDA funds U.S. industry expertise to perform feasibility studies, conduct pilot projects and provide a diverse array of technical assistance.  The Agency also connects project sponsors with U.S. businesses through its reverse trade missions, which bring overseas decision-makers to the United States to introduce them to U.S. technologies, best practices and resources.  

The Asia Deputy Regional Manager supports USTDA activities in advancing host country development priorities, U.S. industry trade interests, and U.S. government foreign policy and objectives in major emerging markets of the Southeast Asia region.  This position is one of the two full-time staff members of the USTDA Asia Regional Office in Bangkok, which consists of one American staff and one Locally Employed Staff.  This position serves as both senior advisor and as regional program/project manager and agency representative to identify, evaluate, recommend and track the progress of new projects and initiatives for USTDA grant funding and business partnership activities each year to promote economic development and trade throughout Southeast Asia.  The position also serves as office manager for USTDA’s Bangkok Office.  In collaboration with the USTDA Regional Manager, the job holder exercises substantially independent responsibility to manage and troubleshoot a portfolio of approximately 30 projects that carry over from one year to another.  S/he contributes to diverse sector analyses and strategic recommendations to the USTDA Regional Director for the Indo-Pacific, based in USTDA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, to help determine the programming of approximately $12-15 million in USTDA funding for the region on a diverse range of infrastructure sectors with the largest focus on projects in energy, ICT, transportation, healthcare and agribusiness.  

On their own initiative, the job holder works with Southeast Asian governments and companies, U.S. companies, development banks and others to identify and develop a pipeline of new activities for USTDA funding.  S/he travels regionally in Southeast Asia and to the United States to develop and support diverse agency programs.  S/he serves as the agency representative and point of contact to maintain program support and office activities when the USTDA Regional Manager is traveling.  S/he provides expert advice, reporting, research and related services of broad scope, complexity and sensitivity in the field of trade and development; develops and maintains an extensive range of high-level contacts; and serves as team leader to USTDA Locally Employed Staff in other Regional Embassies.


(1) Education: University degree in international business, political sciences, economics, marketing and communications, law, finance, and/or foreign affairs is required.

(2) Experience: At least five years of experience progressively responsible experience in international business or trade; international affairs; politics; economics; marketing and communications; business management; trade promotion; and/or finance or commercial banking is required. In addition, at least two years managerial experience and technical guidance providing experience is also required.

(3) Language: Level IV (Fluency) Speaking/Reading/Writing Thai and English is required.  Please clarify level of your THAI and ENGLISH language skill.  You are required to submit a copy of valid TOEIC score (Listening and Reading Sections) of at least 855 before the deadline. (This may be tested.)

(4) Skills: It is mandatory to address each requirement in resume.  (This will be tested)

  • Must be able to develop, utilize, maintain and expand high-level contacts in the U.S., Thailand, and regional Southeast Asian governments and private sector to successfully accomplish assignments.
  • Must be able to plan, organize and execute complex research projects and to prepare factual and analytical reports with precision, accuracy and speed; ability to convey information and provide guidance with detachment and objectivity.
  • Must be able to assist and guide government and U.S. company clients to assure their specific objectives are met in Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Must possess a degree of innovation and creativity, and analytical judgement to propose new approaches and types of assistance that fit with the market and demands.
  • Must possess time management skill and ability to exercise a high degree of autonomy and priority alignment.
  • Must be able to judge the need for, and supervise when necessary, any additional office management assistants or short-term help.
  • Advanced communication, public relations, project management, computer, office management and administrative skills are required.

(5) Knowledge:  It is a mandatory to address each requirement in resume.

  • Must have a sound understanding of current political, economic, and social conditions; business practices and customs; trade and investment laws and policies; major development needs; and emerging trends in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.
  • Must have knowledge of infrastructure development, technologies and services in the energy, transportation, and information-communications technologies sectors.
  • Must have a thorough grasp of U.S. business practices, skills, technologies, challenges, requirements and activities.
  • Must have full understanding and knowledge of U.S. foreign policy objectives related to development assistance programs and trade promotion in Southeast Asia.
  • Must have or demonstrate capacity to quickly develop strong understanding and knowledge of USTDA management and operations.

BENEFITS: Bonus, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Leaves, Holidays


Please follow the checklists and submission guidelines, posted on the official website carefully. You have to create an online account on the U.S. Embassy, Bangkok websiteto apply for jobs(  Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate your application.

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