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System Engineer (IT System)

PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.
Posted on 30 Jul 2020

System Engineer (IT System)

PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.


  • 1-5 year experience in Computer Hardware&Software
  • Strong coordinating and supervision skill
  • Required TOEIC score at least 550


Job Responsibilities:-

  • Manage and oversee following systems:
    • Computer Hardware & Software
    • Windows System, Application Server, Database Server
    • Active Directory, E-Mail, Web Application Server, File Server
    • Virtual Machine , Cloud Computing & Storage
  • Monitor, check and report daily system performance
  • Handle and support users’ request via various channels e.g. Remedy, e-mail and telephone
  • Service Desk Support
  • Patch Management: inspect and update Windows and related Security Patch
  • System Backup & Recovery: examine daily system backup and handle system recovery
  • Incident Support aligned with SLA
  • Problem Management: analyze root cause aligned with SLA
  • Anti-Virus Management: keep updating Anti-virus Pattern and Agent
  • Update System Document
  • Supervise Data Center’s Servers Operation
  • Administer Software Backup Management and Storage Snapshot
  • Coordinate with vendors to provide Computer Hardware & Software maintenance and problem solving in case of incidents occurred
  • Database Backup & Recovery
  • Database Replication: configure and examine replication errors
  • Follow standards of ISO and others
  • Any other tasks assigned by supervisor


  • Thai nationality only
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering (GPA higher than 2.75), Computer Science (GPA higher than 3.0) or any related fields
  • At least 1 year working experience in Computer Hardware & Software, Window System, Active Directory, Web Application Administration, SQL Database, Virtual Machine, Cloud Computing, Windows Patch Management, System and Database Backup & Recovery, Database Replication, Anti-virus Managementor related fields
  • Background in Windows System Administration, Shared File Administration, Exchange Server Administration, Active Directory, SQL Server Administration, Web Applications Administration and Support
  • Ability to administer Application Servers
  • VMware experience: Provisioning new guest VM, Relocate guest VM, Configure guest VM, Provisioning new virtual switch in vSphere, Configure virtual switch, Provisioning new OS in physical server, Decommission guest VM, Decommission system in physical server, Migrate VM, Convert Physical to VM, Monitoring VM by VC Ops & Create and Deliver Utilization Report from VC Ops
  • Experience in Dell Server, Dell Storage andNetApp Storage
  • Ability to handle and fix problems with servers
  • Good understanding in Application Architecture of PI, PDMS and Engineering Software (if any)
  • Good communication skill and teamwork with cross function
  • Strong coordinating and supervision skill
  • Good interpersonal skill with leadership and pressure handling
  • Be able to work up-country as assigned
  • Good command of English (Required TOEIC score at least 550)

Interested candidate please submit your full CV in English, Transcript, 

TOEIC Score, IT Certificate, and expected salary to

People Excellence Center 

PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. 



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