SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd.

Supply Chain Management Specialist

SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd.
Posted on 03 Aug 2020

Supply Chain Management Specialist

SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd.


  • Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • 3-5 years of experience in Supply Chain
  • Develop and implement supply chain strategy


Company: SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd.

Work Location:   SCG Headquarter/ Bangsue

Contract: Full-time


  • Develop and implement supply chain strategy  to  fulfill customer’s needs
  • Initiating and leading process improvement  to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Analytic for demand and supply planning, customer service improvement, process improvement, cost to serve analysis
  • Able to conceptualize large-picture projects and foresee challenges and needs to be addressed
  • Develop and design new  end-to-end solution business model to create the competitive advantage
  • Co-ordinate with relevant parties  to complete  process


  • Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain, Industrial Engineer or related field.
  • At Least GPA of 2.70 for a Bachelor's degree and 3.30 for a Master's degree.
  • 3-5  years of experience in Supply Chain Mangement or other related fields
  • Good command of spoken and written English and correspondence. (Toeic > 550)
  • Proficient in Computer, including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills


Contact Person: K.Sepsilp Rommayakhom (Bo)
Tel: 065 983 3384
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งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Distribution Business, is a leading Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) in Thailand. Before the Financial Crisis hit Thailand in 1997, SCG Logistics was a supporting function in Siam Cement Co., Ltd. (SCC) responsible for transportation. After having gone through painful organization restructuring processes, SCG Logistics was repositioned as a free enterprise and became a logistics provider company. It was named “Bangsue Transportation Co., Ltd.” in 1998 and later changed to “Cementhai Logistics Co., Ltd. (CTL)” in 2000. It then changed to “ SCG Logistics Management” in 2007 in order to comply the group company (SCG) brand linkage after it was considered to be one of core business of SCG.

SCG Logistics dedicates to offering total logistical support and transportation of products both locally and internationally. The efficient management of transportation, shipping routes as well as warehouse and hubs backed up advanced IT system ensures quality service that meet all specific needs of customers. This has earned the company trust and acceptance from an increasing number of customers over the years.


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