Preserved Food Specialty Co., Ltd.

Spray Dry Production Manager /ผู้จัดการฝ่ายผลิต Spray Dry

Preserved Food Specialty Co., Ltd.
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Spray Dry Production Manager /ผู้จัดการฝ่ายผลิต Spray Dry

Preserved Food Specialty Co., Ltd.


  • มีประสบการณ์ด้านการผลิตครีมเทียมโดยตรง
  • มีภาวะผู้นำ
  • มีทักษะในการสอน พัฒนาทีมงาน


Job Descriptions
  • Manage and control production Spray Dry , Blending , Air Dry , Extraction and packing process functions
  • Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance all machine and equipent
  • Control the production process to meet the quality and quantity requirements of customers.
  • Controlling % Yield, Capacity, Waste and Cost to meet standard.
  • Solving problems that occur during the production process.
  • Summarize daily and monthly production status and report to supervisor.
  • Improve work efficiency and improve production processes by introducing new technologies.
  • Plan production from raw materials, machines, and people and production methods.
  • Cooperate with various parties. To develop and design new product development and development process.
  • Control production in accordance with the production manual to control the cost to the appropriate level for the product.
  • Control production components under quality system. ISO / HACCP / GMP / Halal / BRC and security.
  • Meeting with management to report on production and other

Job Specification 

  • Male and Female 45 years up        
  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering  
  • At least 8 years' experience in food Business and 3 years plus experience at management level.
  • Presentations skill ,Computer skill
  • Knowledge  ISO ,HACCP ,GMP ,BRC ,HALAL ,5s ,food safety or in food quality system and KPIs
  • Experinnce in enginneering management positions and various machines in the production line


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Preserved Food Specialty (PFS) is one of the leading manufacturers of dried food in Thailand, including freeze dry, spray dry, air dry, drum dry, and extraction products.  Our target group are for both industrial application and consumer market.  We aimed to produce the best quality, and safety products for customer satisfaction along with just-in-time delivery.  Nowadays, we have the customers both domestic and many countries around the world that have confidence on us to kindly serve them. 

Just now, we are looking for PFS (Pro, Fab, Smart) characteristic people to join our expanding business for position as stated.


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