Linde Material Handling (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Spare Parts & Service Admin / Customer Service Support ... URGENT !!!/เจ้าหน้าที่ประสานงานแผนกอะไหล่และบริการลูกค้า ...ด่วนมาก !!!

Linde Material Handling (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Spare Parts & Service Admin / Customer Service Support ... URGENT !!!/เจ้าหน้าที่ประสานงานแผนกอะไหล่และบริการลูกค้า ...ด่วนมาก !!!

Linde Material Handling (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Oversea Coordinator
  • Spare Parts & Inventory
  • Customer Service


  • Liaise with Demand Planning and Procurement Analysts providing service spare parts business intelligence
  • Responsible for ordering, stocking and shipment procedures of spare parts and sales
  • Monitor and keep track of oversea shipment to ensure smooth, timely and accurate delivery
  • Calculates inventory turnover, most consumed parts, ensure maximum spare part availability and minimum redundant stock to deliver demand of spare parts forecast to ensure no inventory shortage issue
  • Manage stock aging issues
  • Monitor and prevent service spare parts backorders
  • Preparing quotation of service contract and spare parts for customer
  • Coordinating with customer and technician about the delivery date and update status of the order to matching with customer commitment with appropriated transportation method to satisfy customer's requirement
  • Order maintainable and document preparation for delivery proceeds and issue an invoice of customer

Interested Person can walk-in interview or submit resume with expectation to email or call 02-832-5999 Ext.955


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German Engineering maintains its great reputation as the top exporter of machinery and industrial equipment.

The quality is always exceptional and the skill shown is excellent. Craftsmanship is combined with quality engineering to achieve widely acclaimed and high-performance products.

Founded in 1904 under the name of Guldner Morten-Gesellschaft, Linde Material Handling, headquartered in Ashaffenburg, Germany, ranks among the world's foremost makers of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment.

Linde brand stands for technological and innovative leadership. We do not just offer technically ambitious solutions for increased efficiency and excellent design, but also provide comprehensive service skills.

The regional centre in Singapore, Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific leverages the strength of global leadership in material handling equipment with local teams of expert consultants who understand the needs of businesses across countries in South East Asia

With the expansion new set up in Thailand, we, Linde Material Handling (Thailand) Co., Ltd., are now looking for right people to join us for following vacancies:


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