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Software Architect

Appman Co., Ltd.
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Software Architect

Appman Co., Ltd.


  • Consulting skill
  • A strong background in troubleshooting
  • Manage and Supervise member of Product Squad



  • Manage and supervise member of Product Squad (Application Specialist and Support Staff)
  • Provide guidance on system design so that our mobile platform is compliant with security and audit policy.
  • Develop core library for our mobile platform
  • Code review to ensure code quality and that implementations are done according to the design.
  • Ensure that all non-functional requirements are met by our project team.
  • Measure performance of our system and recommend fine tuning design and implementation.
  • Assist project so that performance and penetration testing are successfully validated.
  • Provide guidance on how to train support staff and improve knowledge base for Level 1 support so that they can handle incidents.

Required Education

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline is required to work as a Tech Lead.
  • A strong background in troubleshooting and technology support will be beneficial. Individuals in this field can further display their leadership skills by completing the Project Management Professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute.

Required Skills

  • Technical leads must have excellent technical abilities in order to successfully perform their job responsibilities. Applicable skills may include the following: mobile or website systems; security principles; open source security tools; programming languages, etc.
  • Aside from key technical abilities, these professionals need to have strong leadership skills to motivate team members and know how to efficiently make important decisions. Tech leads should also have strong communication skills to oversee personnel and foster collaboration with other organizational departments.
  • These leads should display a high degree of adaptability in order to learn new technologies as needed and successfully manage the daily challenges of a technical environment.


  • Working with dynamic team, young people, you will have a chance to learn new skills and to gain valuable experience
  • Performance Bonus Average at 1.5 month 
  • Provident Fund 6% of salary
  • Annual Salary Increase 2 Times / Year
  • Group InsuranceAccident 
  • (THB 9,000/Accident)
  • IPD (THB 3,000/Day)
  • OPD (THB 1,000/Call/Day)
  • Dental (THB 3,000/Year)
  • TGIF (Thanks God It’s Friday) Party THB 300 per week
  • Notebook Provided 
  • Company Trip at overseas
  • Annual Leaves 10 Days / Year
  • Language Allowance 2,000THB/ month (Add to your salary)


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We build not just websites, not just mobile apps, but we build “businesses” by working with people from different fields and professions on many kinds of real world problems, as a team. That is why AppMan team consists of not only IT professionals but also from various backgrounds. We always pursue new opportunities. Providing solution to our clients, creating new values with technologies as well as developing ourselves are what we do everyday.


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