Lava Performance Marketing Co., Ltd.

Senior Performance Executive

Lava Performance Marketing Co., Ltd.
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Senior Performance Executive

Lava Performance Marketing Co., Ltd.


  • 3-5 years of experiences
  • Fluent in English communication
  • High benefit package


Job Description: 

  • Provide support in media communication activities to ensure that customers’ needs and requirements are met.
  • Develop a clear understanding of digital platforms such as programmatic, search and biddable media in order to plan and execute campaigns.
  • Plan and buy print, online and outdoor media with a strong focus on digital.
  • Build strong customer and publisher relationships, acting as the point person for campaigns.
  • Implement campaign planning, optimization strategies and campaign performance success for a set of top tier client relationships.
  • Negotiate with publishers on media rates and additional value within campaigns.
  • Ensure all campaign collateral is available for the team as required; including creative, pixels, ad tags, performance goals, etc.
  • Work with internal tools and staff to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze campaign delivery and optimize performance on an ongoing basis.
  • Utilize cross-client data, market and best practices analysis to define campaign strategies and execution direction.


3 ปี


Who we are:

LavaPM is focused on delivering measurable business results for marketers, i.e. we help organizations bridge the gap between their marketing and sales functions/results.
We excel in the integration of Western best practices with local market nuances, and when it comes to our focus geographies (non-English-working regions like China, North Asia, Thailand, etc), this is in most cases, the crucial make-or-break factor in any business endeavor in this region.

Our key strengths lie in:

  • Localizing the latest marketing technology for the Asian market. Or create local alternatives…
  • Pre-Go-to-Market scope of work, e.g. content strategies, competitive/market landscape audit, target audience persona localization, etc.
  • Go-to-Market scope of work, utilizing the latest marketing-tech localized for local Asian markets, e.g. programmatic, account-based targeting, cross-platform/device/format content activation, e-commerce performance optimization, etc.
  • Post-Go-to-Market scope of work, e.g. marketing automation, CRM integration, lead nurture stream design & implementation, lead-acceleration, On-Demand Analytics, etc.
  • End-to-end Demand-Generation that link all the above-mentioned points together.

We bear together with the clients, their marketing generated pipeline, their marketing-generated revenue, and their marketing-contribution to revenue.


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