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Senior Associate Product Management Specialist (Data Center)

NTT (Thailand) Limited
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Senior Associate Product Management Specialist (Data Center)

NTT (Thailand) Limited


  • Data center
  • Implement and support
  • Troubleshooting skills


Job Description

Perform Preventative Maintenance

On a daily basis, data center technicians complete preventative maintenance of data center facilities. Data center technicians engage in building projects and check utilities. To make sure the center does not overheat, they carefully examine power sources and heating and cooling controls.

Data Center Repair

Data center technicians troubleshoot and repair data center facilities that have issues. They run hardware diagnostics and replace failing parts. They are responsible for day-to-day performance and capacity management of data centers. If something goes wrong, data center technicians are called on to quickly fix it in order to keep business data flowing.

Monitor System Processes

Monitoring and maintaining operation of all network processes is the primary duty of data technicians. They evaluate machine temperature levels for optimal performance. Data technicians are expected to maintain accurate work records and event logs. They also create concise virtual information reports to keep company management informed of status updates.

Cross-Collaborate to Protect Data

Data technicians install and arrange new equipment for data centers. Once they install new equipment, data technicians often collaborate with software and networking engineering teams to ensure cybersecurity and network efficiency.

Technical Support and Education

Data center technicians provide live support to clients and coworkers, and are expected to troubleshoot problems as they occur. They act as a main point person in the field, putting out fires and working on projects simultaneously. Educating other data center staff on how to properly troubleshoot hardware and software is also a key part of their role.


  • 1-3 years experienced in IT 
  • Strong knowledge in Data Center and infrastructure 
  • Experienced in IT solution implementation
  • Strong knowledge in Engineering


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