Senior Account Executive / Account Manager (Digital Marketing Agency)

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Senior Account Executive / Account Manager (Digital Marketing Agency)



  • 2 years’ exp of client service/account management
  • Understanding of advertising, marketing principles
  • Good communication and presentation skills


Job Descriptions:

  • Ability to work as a partner with clients, support clients in drive short-term sales, and build long-term brand value.
  • Ability to understand client needs, both delivered and hidden, to provide work that meets expectations in mind.
  • Ability to input or recommend initial direction to the client without reaching the team every time; mainly thanks to the interest and regular update in digital marketing/branding aspect
  • Ability to see the project integrated as a big picture and stick the detailed work into the main objective.
  • Presentation, Communication, Selling, and Negotiation skill is highly required.
  • Ability to lead the meeting to derive the summarized client requirement to the team (people involved)
  • Ability to manage each job by setting the goal, action plan, subtask, and responsible department.
  • Efficiency in follows up with team and client to meet the project due date.
  • Leadership ability; able to lead, advise, and coach junior in the team, able to work properly under pressure, likely to find a solution to problems that might occur daily.


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience of client service/ account management, preferably from Advertising Agency.
  • ATL Marketing experience will be considered an advantage.
  • General understanding of agency protocols, procedures, and processes.
  • Understanding of advertising, marketing principles, interactive, media, and production.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • A passion for digital marketing.
  • Well-organized.
  • Positive and open-minded / Be creative!! / Love to learn.

Skills set requirement

Core Job Skills / Expertise

  • Understand and have an own understanding of "Marketing & Marketing Communication" knowledge
  • Have knowledge on how to communicate with others and at the same time he/she should have a soft skill to understand the others
  • Have a good sense of finances. Ensure that the accounts run smoothly, efficiently.
  • Able to negotiate with both client and team to meet business goals and meet the satisfaction
  • Delegate the work to subordinates and ensure that he/ she provides the right direction
  • Supervise the subordinate’s job and control the direction to achieve objectives
  • Able to measure subordinates skill and coach them with appropriate methods
  • Able to draw job motivate to subordinates in order to let them achieve their goals
  • Build a good relationship with clients. One that is based on personal friendship as well as professional respect
  • Have a positive relationship across all internal department as well as external partners
  • Have creativity and able to judge creative work with a good reason to support
  • Give an opportunity to subordinate to reveal their strength/ideas
  • Able to analyze the situation and lead client/team in the right direction with a logical reason
  • Should have a soft skill to understand what is the real need of client even though, client don't speak out
  • Able to catch client message accurately and identify it to client and team
  • Able to manage client's expectation
  • Analyze the cause and create the solution speedily
  • Have the skill to evaluate & recommend "Marketing Communication Planning"
  • Create a solution to "Win-Win" approach always

Communication Skills

  • Able to share and present their own idea/thought clearly to the team and client
  • Active listen & prepares clearly written materials
  • Able to influences senior client exclusively for both of Thai and English on speaking and writing
  • Able to convince client on the direction that team has agreed on the work as well as help push the idea in a good logical way
  • Have the ability to change the style of communication to different clients
  • Have the ability to change the style of communication to different internal staffs

Creativity / Thought Leadership

  • Do not shy to speak out and share ideas. Able to approach every aspect of role with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm
  • Proactive and think beyond the brief
  • Able to buy times for great work to flourish
  • Overcome resistance when needed
  • Work Management
  • Secures agreement on & manages expectations as well as time management with the full of quality standards.
  • Able to work on all account effectively
  • Client Engagement
  • Listens & able to catch the key message that the client would like to deliver including real need & potential unsaid agenda
  • Have a "Willing to help" attitude
  • Able to build a strong relationship with client rapidly
  • Work as a partner as well as consultations with the client and able to share thought towards client issues


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