Lianlian Pay Electronic Payment (Thailand) Ltd.

Sales Representative /พนักงานขาย

Lianlian Pay Electronic Payment (Thailand) Ltd.
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Sales Representative /พนักงานขาย

Lianlian Pay Electronic Payment (Thailand) Ltd.


  • 1-2 years working experience
  • Officer, entry level
  • fresh graduate, e-payment


Key Responsibilities;

  • Build and maintain relationship with local merchants
  • Build, maintain and develop payment solution with local bank
  • Initiate new idea of product and marketing campaign.  
  • Manage project and coordination of various promotional activities.
  • Obtain new merchant regarding KPI
  • Other tasks as assigned


  • Familiar with fin-tech or experience with payment company or bank financial institutions in              cross -border industry will be a plus.
  • Possess commercial negotiation skills, excellent expression ability and execution skills.
  • Full of passion and optimistic attitude.
  • Possesses entrepreneurial spirit and able to work independently and has the courage to                  accept the challenge and high tolerant to the stress
  • Understand or willing to understand the local policy environment, political requirements and            the future trends.
  • Bachelor degree or above.
  • At least 1-2 years working experience, IT background is preferred, fresh graduate is                        welcomed as well.
  • Thai nationality only, a good command of English is preferred.

Lianlian Pay Electronic Payment (Thailand) Ltd.

88 Paso Tower, 20th Floor, Room A2, Silom Road,

Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500


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Founded in 2003, Lianlian Yintong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd (Lianlian Pay) is the fourth largest non-banking third-party payment service provider in China, with a registered capital of RMB325 million. Lianlian cross-border payment now supports settlement of 19 currencies and enjoys direct connection and comprehensive service from all the major domestic banks. In 2015, Lianlian Pay became one of the first partners of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area (the first national-level cross-border e-commerce pilot zone approved by China's State Council).

Fast-growing, innovation-oriented and highly-adaptive, Lianlian Pay, as one of the top mobile payment companies in China, has been priding itself in focusing on and excelling at providing all-in-one payment solution in the form of CUP cards mobile payment, cross-border payment and settlement, RMB and foreign currency disbursement, and international remittance services etc. for tens of millions of individual customers and thousands of merchants and partners.

With a strong track record in customizing products and services, Lianlian Pay is dedicated and well-positioned to establishing a global network with payment and fund transfer capabilities by leveraging the expanding Chinese economy and increasing acceptance of RMB. Where there is Lianlian Pay, there is simple, inexpensive, fast, and secure payment and clearing services for merchants and consumers around the world.


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