Delta Elmechs Co., Ltd.

Sales Engineer (Electrical) / Rayong/วิศวกรขาย (แผนกไฟฟ้า) / ระยอง

Delta Elmechs Co., Ltd.
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Sales Engineer (Electrical) / Rayong/วิศวกรขาย (แผนกไฟฟ้า) / ระยอง

Delta Elmechs Co., Ltd.


  • Sales Engineer (E&I)
  • Experienced in Refinery, Oil & Gas, Power Plant
  • Benefits Package, Commission & Bonus


Job Description:

To sales and present our products regarding telecommunication

 o Mobile Devices / Barrier / Signal / Fieldbus (PEPPERL+FUCHS)

 o Electric Heat Tracing (THERMON)

 o Process Heating System / Heater (WATLOW)

To contact Engineering contractor for Petrochemical, Oil & Gas business for project bidding

To develop and maintain good relations with both new and existing customers

To understand and provide technical solutions for customers demanding

To be able to work independently


- Male, not over 38, with Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields

- Experiences of selling in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industries

- Knowledgeable in communication device would be benefit

- Knowledge of heat loss protection would be benefit

- Good command in English and able to use computer literacy

- Strong negotiation skill

- Own vehicle, mobile phone and able to travel up-country


1 ปี



DE Group, consists of Delta Elmechs Co., Ltd. and Delta Seal Alliance Co., Ltd. has in-depth experience representing engineering products and providing field services for international businesses. Our knowledge extends across a wide array of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, and other various industries across the globe. We are recognized as a leading company in supplying high-performance, high-quality engineering products.

DE Group has more than 50 years of experience in the fields of industrial applications. We are the country’s leading supplier of Mechanical equipment, Electrical equipment, Instruments, and Controls for various industries in Thailand. The company’s main focus is to provide highly reliable engineering products and quality services to meet and to exceed each of our customers' specifications and requirements.

We are proud to be one of pioneer companies in Thailand, having served the country's industries from the initial development stages of the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power industries. For almost five decades the company has gained trust and built long-term relationships from many of our valued customers in various industries across the world. We aim to continue to foster new relationships, while maintaining and strengthening our current relationships for decades to come.


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