Onuma Clinic /บริษัท ดร.อรคลินิก จำกัด

Chief Operation Officer (COO)/กรรมการอํานวยการฝ่ายปฏิบัติการ

Onuma Clinic /บริษัท ดร.อรคลินิก จำกัด
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Chief Operation Officer (COO)/กรรมการอํานวยการฝ่ายปฏิบัติการ

Onuma Clinic /บริษัท ดร.อรคลินิก จำกัด


  • Experience in customer relationship management
  • Experience managing and directing a sales team
  • Management business experience of 5 years


The chief operating officer of a company is second in command. This professional reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) with a focus on operationalizing strategy. While a CEO is concerned with long-term business goals, the COO is tasked with implementing daily operations, aligned with that goal and the company’s strategies. His or her individual role depends largely on the company itself and the CEO’s personal style. In many cases, the COO is chosen specifically to complement the strengths and weaknesses of the CEO, or to work in tandem to bring the best leadership to the forefront.


  • Managing organizational sales (DR.ORN clinic and DR. ORN cosmez) by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue and expense controls.
  • Achieving growth and hitting targets by successfully managing the Over all  team (Target DR.ORN clinic and DR. ORN cosmez)
  • Setting individual sales targets , overseeing the activities and performance of the team 
  • Tracking sales , Treatment ,OR ,Back Office 
    goals and reporting results as weekly
  • Managing recruiting, objectives setting, coaching and performance monitoring of sale consultant, sale online, Treatment ,OR ,Back Office and  customer service officer and manager team
  • Coordinating with marketing on lead generation and initiation of action plans to find new markets and new customers
  • Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status
  • Maintaining  after sale service and good relations with customers.
Objectives of this Role :
  • Make customers satisfied, love the company
  • Collaborate with the CEO in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy, and hiring needs
  • Translate strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth helping to implement organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and annual operating planning
  • Oversee company operations and employee productivity, building a highly inclusive culture ensuring team members thrive and organizational outcomes are met
  • Ensure effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention
  • Adhere to company, federal, state, and local business requirements, enforcing compliance and taking action when necessary
Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:
  • Analyze internal operations and identify areas of process enhancement
  • Develop actionable business strategies and plans that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives developed in tandem with the CEO
  • Directly oversee operations, HR, and accounting, and partner with the CEO on sales management to budget for sufficient investment capital to achieve growth targets over the near term
  • Aggressively manage capital investment and expenses to ensure the company achieves investor targets relative to growth and profitability
  • Monitor performance with tracking and establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports, both current and forecasting
  • Maintain and build trusted relationships with key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field.
  • Experience in planning and implementing sales strategies.
  • Experience in customer relationship management.
  • Experience managing and directing a sales team.
  • Outstanding organizational and time-management abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Dedication to providing great customer service.
  • Ability to lead over all team.
  • Request for management business experience  of 5 years
  • Base Salary 70,000 – 150,000 bath
Preferred Qualifications
  • Master’s degree in business or related field
  • Fundraising experience
  • International business experience


5 ปี
งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


    Dr. Orn Hair Center (DOHC) is a boutique beauty and wellness business specialised in hair transplant, haircare products and services. With 9 years experiences, expertise of our doctors and remarkable service quality of our staff, we earned trust from numerous international and Thai clients with over 9,000 patients per year.

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