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Retail Marketing Manager

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Retail Marketing Manager

iBingo Consulting Co., Ltd.


  • Identifies potentially successful campaigns
  • Analyze Campaign Performance
  • Report on Marketing Metrics



The retail marketing manager’s specific responsibilities may vary depending on the type of retail product their company produces, but they usually perform these core tasks:

  • Manage the Marketing Team
  • Retail marketing managers oversee a team of marketing specialists. As their subordinates present ideas for new marketing campaigns, the retail marketing manager evaluates them and determines their validity based on budgeting concerns and potential for success.
  • Present Ideas to Marketing Director
  • If the retail marketing manager identifies potentially successful campaigns, they present those campaigns to the marketing director. This usually involves creating presentations in slideshow software and discussing sales potential.
  • Oversee Budget
  • Marketing departments always have a budget, and it may fall on the shoulders of the retail marketing manager to manage and oversee that budget. This budget is used for running new campaigns and maintaining existing campaigns, so the marketing manager should take care to manage it well.
  • Analyze Campaign Performance
  • Retail marketing managers are also responsible for analyzing the performance of their marketing campaigns. This often involves using data analytics to organize and interpret campaign data in a way that makes sense to those not familiar with these specifics.
  • Report on Marketing Metrics
  • The success of a marketing campaign is based on its metrics. After gathering and analyzing data from the campaign, the retail marketing manager visualizes this data in an easy-to-understand way. Marketing managers then present this information to the marketing director and other involved management.


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing or any field related to marketing
  • More than 5 years experience in Marketing (Brand Communication, PR, Build Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing)
  • Background in Retail Business (Mainly retail shop with many BU product)
  • Manager level or Experience in Marketing more than 5 years  
  • Age between 30-40 years old 


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