John Bean Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.

Project Engineer

John Bean Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.
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Project Engineer

John Bean Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.


  • Manage projects in Asia Pacific region.
  • Project management in manufacturing field.
  • Good communication and collaboration.


JBT is a multinational company dealing with Food Processing Technology and Airport ground equipment technology.

JBT APAPC region handles turnkey projects involving supply of equipment from multiple JBT Manufacturing Units  and also from locally suppliers. This entails carrying out detailed plant engineering to ensure smooth execution of projects.

Project engineer (PE) shall be back office support to Project Managers. They shall carryout all detailed engineering and compile information and learnings from each project.

PE shall also support Application and sales team to carry out engineering and scheduling during pre-sales stage.

Major function of Project Engineer shall be:

  • Supporting Project Managers (PM) in terms of engineering, scheduling, planning and site activities.
  • Ensuring correct engineering, planning and site activities
  • Communication with Application teams, various JBT manufacturing units, suppliers and different departments.
  • Prepare and compile proper technical project closure reports
  • Compile quality reports and feedback from site.
  • Handle sourcing from local supplier, appoint contractors for mechanical and electrical installation
  • Job shall also include supporting sales, application and Customer Care departments.   
  • Job entails lots of travel within APAC region and at times, worldwide  

  • This position requires a minimum of Bachelor of Engineering. Additional qualification of Management Administration will be helpful.
  • 5-7 years’ experience in Project management and Engineering.
  • Exposure to Food technology processes & equipment.
  • Some knowledge of fillers, closers, aseptic filling, refrigeration.
  • Use of ACAD.
  • Negotiation skills with suppliers and contractors.
  • Verbal & written communication in English.
  • Handling international customers.
  • Shall be able to work within a matrixed team environment and contribute significantly to team performance. 
  • Demonstrates interpersonal skills and effective communication across functional and managerial boundaries.


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