CODIUM Company Limited/บริษัท โคเดียม จำกัด

Project Coordinator / Management Trainee [Software]

CODIUM Company Limited/บริษัท โคเดียม จำกัด
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Project Coordinator / Management Trainee [Software]

CODIUM Company Limited/บริษัท โคเดียม จำกัด


  • Why wait years to start doing real management?
  • Learn real management – tech company to boot!
  • Friendly, cozy, delicious, high-tech environment



"Running a business comes down to a few things: engaging your target audience, showcasing your unique selling point, keeping your eye on cash flow [time], and looking after your team so they’ll look after your customers."

— Richard Branson 

In a nutshell, that’s what this job is all about.

General Description

CODIUM is looking for a leader, someone who defines their work ethics and core values. They aspire to build a company that will change our technology landscape — to build a company that applies IT to solve Thailand's problems; someone that wants the experience of running a company and gaining connections with key top-level management and business leaders of our time. In exchange, you will bring ownership and willingness to learn and adapt. 

No prior experience is necessary

Be ready to get down and dirty. Don't be surprised if you will get to do some programming from time to time. All of our managers know how to use a database. Don't be surprised if you are expected to manage real projects in your first week. In other words, you will grow a ton (metaphorically – not literally – of course. 5555). Below are the skills you can expect to acquire while working at CODIUM.


  • You possess the technical expertise and smarts to understand not only what the customers want, but also to have the wisdom and experience to find out what they need
  • You also have the empathy to feel their concerns, worries, and fears. Even more importantly, you know just what to say, do, and not do
  • You keep customers engaged by employing the following tools:If you ever want to try sales, you will have plenty of opportunities here. How about starting from revenue is zero? At CODIUM, we are renowned for letting people start many things from scratch
    • Communication skills
    • Adobe XD
    • Project management tools (like Trello, GitHub/Gitlab, Google Slides / Sheets / Excel / PowerPoint)
    • LINE / Google Hangouts Chat / Phone / Email (Come learn how Google Hangouts Chat is one of the world's most flexible and effective document management system)
    • AI. Yes, you read that correctly. Our firm employs AI to assist our managers in managing products/projects


  • You were a developer, had a software-related degree, or you understand that pretty soon the whole world will run on IT and there's nothing to stop it
  • You will have the empathy to understand what your working team goes through when they work for you
  • You understand UX and why Apple is one of the most successful (read: profitable) companies in the world. Hence, you understand the company exists because we always deliver what the customers want and need by ensuring the team and customers are always in sync in terms of what the team is producing and what the customers expect to get. At other companies, this is called "Business analysis," "Design," and "Agile"
  • As a result, once you understand what the customers need, you ensure that what we deliver is of high quality by thoroughly testing both manually and employing automated tests to ensure a happy customer, team, and management. At other companies, this is called "Tester"


  • You will get to manage people: developers and clients from day 1. Yes, from your first day
  • A people person who can motivate and galvanize teams of designers, developers, and your own boss
  • Understand that when the project is completed on-time with high quality, everyone wins: customers are happy, the team is happy, management is happy, the company makes money: you win


  • Mentorship: don't worry, you will have plenty of mentors or good role models to learn from
  • Help Founder set and build the company’s culture
  • Help Founder set and build the company's process
  • You have internalized that the best are the “smart and lazy.” This is why you are relentless in setting up an automated process (Continuous tests, integration, deployment) to keep the company’s headcount down and drives up efficiency
  • You understand that organization will die if it suffers from the “Bus Factor.” Because of this, you are unapologetic in ensuring key information (build/test/deployment process, design documents, login credentials) are safely stored and organized on the cloud

General Skills & Attitude

  • Your ideal boss is someone who doesn’t micromanage, who gets out of your way, and yet willing to lend a helping hand when the going gets tough
  • “Can-do” attitude with an understanding that running a business means being comfortable with presenting to the chairman of a billion-dollar company one day, and cleaning up the mess left on the office’s floor the next day because the maid is absent
  • Passion and superior work ethic/responsibility are a must
  • You must be better than the Founder in the following areas:Must be fluent in Thai and English. Japanese or Chinese fluency is a big plus
    • more organized
    • more punctual
    • more detailed

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before the Interview

  • What is your proudest career accomplishment?
  • What do you intend to accomplish at CODIUM?
  • At this point in your career: is money or self-growth more important?


  • ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน เวลา 9.30-18.30
  • วันลาพักร้อน 12 วันต่อปี
  • ค่าใช้จ่ายในการเดินทาง กรณีเบิกค่าเดินทางไปปฎิบัติงานนอกสถานที่
  • ประกันสังคม
  • ประกันสุขภาพ (health + dental) หลังจากที่ผ่านช่วงทดลองงาน
  • กิจกรรม POWER OFF ทุกเดือน
  • Project Bonus (ตามผลประกอบการของโปรเจค)
  • เงินโบนัสตาม Performance และผลประกอบการของบริษัท 
  • Company Outing  ปีละอย่างน้อย 1 ครั้ง 
  • Office อยู่ติด BTS National Stadium เปิด Air conditioner  24x7 
  • กรณีที่พนักงานไม่มี Macbook เป็นของตัวเอง สามารถให้พนักงานยืม Macbook ของทางบริษัทได้ Developers จะได้รับ Macbook Pro และได้จอ monitor 27” อย่างน้อย 1 ตัว
  • กรณีใช้ Macbook ของพนักงานเอง ได้ 700 ต่อเดือน 
  • กรณีใช้ iPad ของพนักงานเอง ได้ 300 ต่อเดือน 
  • กรณีซื้อใหม่ Macbook/iPad บริษัทจะช่วยออกค่าใช้จ่ายให้ 25% ( ต้องเป็น Macbook/iPad ที่ซื้อมาเพื่อใช้ที่บริษัท และเมื่อซื้อครบ 1 ปี จะออกให้ 10% และซื้อครบปี 2 จะออกให้เพิ่มอีก 15% )
  • Referral fee: แนะนำบุคคลากรและทำงานครบเป็นเวลา 1 ปี : จ่ายที่หัวละ 10,000 บาท
  • Sabbatical เมื่อทำงานครบ 3 ปี (เพิ่มอีก  5 วัน)
  • Provident funds (ทุนสำรองเลี้ยงชีพ)
  • Christmas gift


1 ปี
งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


CODIUM was founded with the conviction that technology is the key enabler to move Thailand forward.

We are a premier digital transformation solution provider with complete focus on providing world-class enterprise solutions to businesses in Thailand. Established in 2013, CODIUM has delivered numerous end-to-end IT solutions to both domestic and international clients. Key clients include PTTEP, SCB, Football Association of Thailand, Thai League, AFC, KPMG, PTT Digital, JD Central, and SBRAND Japan.

Our company's key milestones include:

  • 2014: We entered a strategic joint venture with UIH to form Cloud HM, a local multi-cloud service provider
  • 2018: We become an E-Tax service provider to facilitate "Thailand 4.0" vision of a digital economy
  • 2020: We launch an E-Memo service to enable a truly "Work from Anywhere" business workflow

We are your digital transformation engine. We are CODIUM.


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สิทธิการเบิกค่าทันตกรรม, ทุนการศึกษา, ทำงานสัปดาห์ละ 5 วัน, มีเวลาการทำงานที่ยืดหยุ่น, ประกันสุขภาพ, เงินโบนัสตามผลงาน, ค่ายานพาหนะ, ค่าใช้จ่ายในการเดินทาง