The Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI)

Program Assistant (Key-Populations Led-Health Services)

The Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI)
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Program Assistant (Key-Populations Led-Health Services)

The Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI)


  • Program Assistant
  • Coordinates
  • protocols, SOPs


Role Overview: Program Assistant will assist with coordination, administrative and logistical supports of research activities under Key Populations Led-Health Services (KPLHS) program. Under the Program Officer/Senior Program Officer, the Program Assistant will work to support in maintaining and updating research files and procuring clinical supplies required for the study. Assist in reviewing study-related documents and assist in communication with implementing sites and in implementation of study components based on standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Core Accountability & Responsibility:

1. Performs administrative, logistical, and coordination duties, assists with meetings and travel plans.

2. Coordinates, develops, reviews, tracks and revises assigned study-related documents including protocols, SOPs, monitoring plans, analysis plans, reports, and publications

3. Conducts document reviews to ensure quality and compliance standards.

4. Assists with development of study site training materials and presentations, prepares conference call summaries.

5. Communicates with research site staffs to ensure the smooth implementation of study.

6. Assist in procurement of clinical supplies and related supplies required for study (HIV self-testing kits and medication).

7. Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience

1. Thai citizen.

2. Degree from an accredited institution, in areas of public health, public administration, social science or related areas.

3. 3 years’ experience in relevant HIV project management and/o implementation science research experience.

4. Experience in clinical research management, preferably for grants from multiple public donors, including USAID.

5. Prior work experience in a non-governmental organization (NGO), government agency, or private organization.

6. Articulate, professional and able to communicate in a clear, positive manner with clients and staffs

Location: BTS Ratchadamri



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The Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI) (Formerly PREVENTION, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre) is a leader in research and innovation in the prevention of HIV and other health issues. We are a non-profit organization that is focused on organizational development through effective human resources management and capacity development processes to enable our personnel to work as efficiently as possible. Based on equality and community participation, which drives good public health policy. In addition, IHRI is a regional resource for research, education and training.

The Institute for HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI) stands for the elimination of stigma and discrimination and respect for diversity, to allow individuals to truly demonstrate their full potential, meet challenges, and have opportunities for career advancement and personal development to build a creative society together with us.


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