Production Supervisor

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Production Supervisor



  • operation general shift management
  • ensure safety and fulfill quality and production
  • supervision and management in production floor


  • Responsible for KPIs, such as, safety prevention, workplace EHS, quality control management, DL efficiency, TML, UPH achievement, cost reduction and assigned work by managers.
  • Compliance with employee briefing per work area.
  • Fulfilling the target quantities, quality, cost and delivery
  • Accountable on achievement in production output in each area
  • Demonstrate exemplary personal behavior in ESH and motivate others
  • Inspections at work area according to inspection procedures and compliance with required documentation
  • Batch separation and documentation of activities carried out, reporting of manufactured parts at the reporting terminals
  • Support production efficiency improvement in respective sections. Follow and implement the measures to improve process to maximum utilization rate of machine and eliminate all kinds of waste.
  • Evaluate the performance efficiency of sub-ordinate and define the develop plan. Manage the employees to follow the discipline of company
  • People management and control with ensuring all regular rule and standard are met and followed as requirement.
  • Obligation to participate in and execute annual briefings and training sessions
  • Follow up the production schedule from PMC department and responsible for the results.  
  • Control and reduce the loss for various production materials, accessories, and labor consumption, responsible for direct production cost and consumables’ usage.
  • Supervise, control, follow up equipment maintenance schedule from equipment department, responsible for daily maintenance of production equipment.
  • Responsible for production statistics and fill up production reports.
  • Responsible for reporting working issues to managers effectively and executing instructions efficiently
  • Participated all activities of company requirement or mandatory.
  • Other jobs are assigned by Supervisor.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in Production Supervisor Position
  • Bachelor degree / Engineering or Related fields
  • Ability to work in a strong teamwork and Integrity.
  • Possess a good level of leadership and attitude.
  • ERP management system.
  • Can understand mechanical drawings
  • Efficiency in analytical and systematic problem-solving skills.
  • Able to work under time constraint and pressure.
  • Good command of listen, spoken and written in English.
  • Experienced for safety & quality control, productivity improvement system ,5S / housekeeping / Inventory control / waste management, TPM / ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, Document system. Etc.
  • Computer literacy.


งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


Jofo Nonwovens Company Limited focuses on R&D to produce and supply high-tech, high quality nonwoven materials. The company has the world most advanced nonwoven technologies and capability including spunmelt, needle-punch, carded air through and latest state of the art hybrid new nonwoven technology to cater for the hygiene and personal care, geotechnical engineering, furniture& beddings, automotive and other industry. 

Jofo participates in the global market with production facilities strategically spread over North China(Shandong), East China(Shanghai area), South China(Guangdong) and Southeast Asia (Thailand). The company has a perfect quality management system certified by world-class customers and strictly follow the customer-oriented corporate culture. We provide customer with the most competitive nonwoven application solution through timely and efficient services, high consistent and high-quality products. 

Jofo Nonwovens (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Jofo’s production base in Southeast Asia, covers an area of 70,666 sqm, located in Chonburi WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, with a total investment of THB 1.18 billion. The base will be put into operation in November 2020, and it will have needle-punch and spunbonded technology to serve the fields of furniture, automobile and geotextile engineering.  Jofo (Thailand) will use reasonable regional layout to effectively support Jofo's development strategy and enhance its ability to serve the global market.



俊富非织造材料(泰国)有限公司是俊富在东南亚的生产基地,基地占地106亩,位于春武里府WHA工业园, 总投资11.8亿泰铢。 基地将于2020年11月投产,将具备针刺及纺粘技术,服务于家具、汽车、土工等领域。俊富(泰国)将利用合理的区域布局,有效支撑俊富发展战略,提升服务全球市场的能力。


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