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Product Marketing Specialist

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Product Marketing Specialist

Learn Corporation Co,Ltd.


  • Age 24 - 30 years old.
  • have experience in product marketing 2 years.
  • Fast-Learner, Flexible, Be creative


Job Description:

  • Plan the advertising and marketing channel both of online & offline to increase sales 
  • Analysis and execute product marketing strategy and presenting to management by analyze market share, target market, consumer behavior and competitors. 
  • Drive related parties to keep on tracking to achieve sales target
  • follow up sales and growth of line product, analyze root cause of any issue that can't hit the target and drive marketing activities to fix them.


  • Age 24 - 30 years old.
  • Bachelor's or above Degree in Marketing, Sales, Management or related.
  • Must have experience in product marketing or branding or marketing at least 2 years.
  • Communication Skill, Presentation Skill
  • Fast-Learner, Flexible, Be creative


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งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ


Learn Corporation Co,Ltd. Founded in 2006, our first business started with the name “OnDemand” tutorial school. With a strong determination to promote and improve the education system of Thailand to sustain and for our company to grow as the private sector’s ministry of education, we work hard to create learning innovations for all age ranges. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s success and happiness. We hope to see everyone in the society receive and pass the opportunities forward to those in need. In 2020 we need to help 1,000,000 people a years.
If you are passionate in improving the Thai educational system, we would like to invite you to join our warm family at Learn Corporation.

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