Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Pharmacist (Contact 1 Year/Renewable)

Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
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Pharmacist (Contact 1 Year/Renewable)

Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.


  • Pharmacist with License/Certificate
  • Good in English, TOEIC
  • Japanese Trading Company


Job description: To function as the advisor or consultant for Pharmaceutical technical knowledge/information. To check and confirm pharma import and wholesale activities, and also maintain the status of company license

  • To apply and maintain the license for pharmaceutical import and wholesale for company
  • To handle medicine import and wholesale (sign the document as pharmacist)
  • To provide the technical information relates to pharmaceutical products and API/Material
    for pharma production
  • To contact with FDA in regulation issues (import, export, license products registration)
  • To support the pharmaceutical business in overall processes, and other business under
    the boundary of Healthcare & Service Business Division, up to GM’s judgement


  • Male/Female, 25-35 years old
  • Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy with Pharmacist License/Certificate
  • Experience at least 2 years in Pharmaceutical industry
  • Good in English (TOEIC Score 730 is preferable)
  • Have sense of teamwork and detail-oriented
* This position is contract-based position for 1 year (renewable)


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งานสัญญาจ้าง, งานเต็มเวลา


Mitsui & Co. (Thailand) Ltd. is an affiliated company of Mitsui & Co., Ltd - one of the world leading General Trading Company (SOGO SHOSHA) in Japan commencing the International Commercial Services and Investment Activities in virtually every sphere of business and industry. With our strong global network of 135 offices in 66 countries worldwide, our role is not limited to exporter, importer in domestic and offshore, but we are global business enabler providing integrated trade facilities, fulfillment services, business development and project management in various industries. Our business covers 6 main business areas of Metal, Machinery & Infrastructure, Chemicals, Energy, Lifestyle, and Innovation & Corporate Development.

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