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Modern Trade Supervisor

Pinnacle Gastro Co., Ltd.
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Modern Trade Supervisor

Pinnacle Gastro Co., Ltd.


  • Experience in HORECA or Modern Trade
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Must be proficient in computer skills


This position is responsible for develop account store level, monthly sales report, operating plan to achieve stated goals and ensure execution in-store together with target achievement and time management.

The overall job description will be following:


  • Develop and strengthen business for Modern Trade (MT) Channel.
  • Strengthen business relationship with buyer team to ensure operational details are well managed.
  • To ensure that the team is reporting short expiries 3 months in advance and to take necessary action for the short shelf-life products.
  • In store negotiation with special space for promotional, end cap, stacking promotion and products visibilities in store.
  • Activities Planning and Control (Monitor the retail price performance and verify the proper application of commercial conditions)
  • Forecasting (Ensuring that sales volume, sales promotions plan, implementation, distribution, displays, in market credit and shelf space (facings) objectives are met)
  • Work together with Modern Trade Team to manage selling out / stock / availability in channel.
  • Work together with Merchandiser Team to manage working progress and promotional
  • Develop good relationship with key assigned customer to maintain the business relationship such as via regular meeting with customer, coordination meetings.
  • Reports as assigned including special job assignment report with on-time schedule.
  • Data analysis for Modern Trade Channel.
  • Coordinate with finance, logistic and warehouse to optimize Modern Trade Channel without compromising on quality of delivery, customer service and payment collection
  • Report directly to Sales Director


2 ปี
งานสัญญาจ้าง, งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ, งานชั่วคราว


Pinnacle Gastro is a leading importer of premium beverages and equipment in Thailand. We work with several strong brands. Under hot beverages, we are delighted to bring Cafés Richard, Ronnefeldt teas and professional coffee machines such as iBerital, Carimali and Franke machines. On the refreshment beverages portfolio, we bring you the joy of brands such as Perrier sparkling mineral water, Highland Spring mineral water, Speyside Glenlivet mineral water, Fentimans botanically brewed mixers + soft drinks and Alain Milliat degustation juices.

We are a fast growing team and constantly evolving.  We believe you are only as good as your people. This is one of the reasons why we invest in our team. If you want to be part of a motivated, dynamic and creative international team, we would definitely like to hear from you!


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