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Method & Process Engineer (Stamping)

Valeo Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Method & Process Engineer (Stamping)

Valeo Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Stamping dies
  • CNC Machine
  • Automotive


Method & Process Engineer (Stamping) : Work Location: Valeo Automotive (Rayong)


 Ensure reliable and safe manufacturing process
● Investigate and propose sites selection
● Participate to sourcing committee, pre-Soco, Soco, building, suppliers …
● Define and validate standard panel suppliers
● Define and pilot projects timing and milestones
● Define building standard specifications, included related documents, using the Generic Factory Design package
● Support sites to define building specifications related to specific project
● Assure projects management with local teams
● Define and manage projects costs and savings
● Pilot IARs on industrial projects with local teams
● Ensure the proper and rigorous IPRoM use & efficient governance (IVC) on the applicable perimeter
● Organize and manage the resources and support necessary to reach objectives in terms of QCDM
● Assure with local teams, the set up, physical transfer, ramp up activity, SOP … related to the projects until customers first deliveries + 2 months
● Manage the relation and the standardization between sites involved within the same platform
● Evaluate resources and necessary supports to reach the projects objectives
● Taking care of reporting, feedback and project management
● Coordinate the interfaces between the PG and sites
● Manage / participate to the industrial plan of the Product Group in line with the MTP, within its perimeter
● Provide engineering support to production to achieve QCD target
● Continuous improvement on processes efficiency; bottleneck analysis, Cycle Time improvement, line balancing and layout optimization
● Support production to improve product quality, root cause analysis, quality control improvement as well as preventive actions
● Evaluate and ensure process capability, Cpk study (Capability &Centering-Process), Pokayoke, SPC (Statistical Process Control) implementation
● Actively engage in Kaizen and costs reduction activities
● Cooperate in improvement activities of the plant e.g. TPM, Lean manufacturing workshop
● Promote and comply professionally with company values and government regulations


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • More than 3 years of experience in process/product engineering roles.
  • More than 5 years of working experience in Progressive Stamping dies,Production process
  • Knowledge of CNC Programming or other automation control, CAD mechanical work, Jig Fixture design and machine design ● Familiar with process & quality system tools i.e. FMEA, GR&R (Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility Study), Cpk (Capability &Centering-Process), SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Good command of written and spoken in English language is must requested

 We offer attractive salary commensurate with experiences and abilities, career development opportunities and generous fringe benefits to the successful candidate. Please submit your English resume stating working experience, current salary and expected salary together.

Only completed application in Valeo website will be considering. Kindly visit website valeo dot com to fill your application form of Valeo Thailand


5 ปี


บริษัท วาลีโอ คอมเพรสเซอร์ ( ประเทศไทย ) จำกัด และ บริษัท วาลีโอ คอมเพรสเซอร์ คลัทซ์ ( ประเทศไทย ) จำกัดก่อตั้งเมื่อวันที่ 27 มิถุนายน 2539 โดยการร่วมลงทุนของ Valeo ประเทศฝรั่งเศส ด้วยทุนจดทะเบียน 480 ล้านบาท และได้รับการส่งเสริมการลงทุน เพื่อผลิต คอมเพรสเซอร์แอร์รถยนต์ และ แม็กเนติกคลัทช์สำหรับคอมเพรสเซอร์แอร์รถยนต์ Valeo Compressor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd and Valeo Compressor Clutch (Thailand) are world wide automotive parts found at 27 June 1996 Located in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Pluak Daeng, Rayong, our products are compressor and clutch for automotive.

Valeo has 4 factory in Thailand (Chonburi and Rayong)   

Valeo CDA (Thailand) Ltd. - Amata Nakorn Chonburi, Phase 7 

Valeo Siam Thermal System Co.,Ltd   -  Amata Nakorn Chonburi, Phase 4 

Valeo Automotive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd - Eastern Seaboard Rayong 

Ichikoh Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd (Valeo Company) - Amata City Rayong


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