Y.M.F. International Thai Co., Ltd.

Merchandising Executive

Y.M.F. International Thai Co., Ltd.
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Merchandising Executive

Y.M.F. International Thai Co., Ltd.


  • Good command of Japanese and English
  • Have experience in export logistics management
  • Degree in Business Administration, Economics


Job description                  

  1. Gather and reconfirm the information needed for sample making, order amount decision, material ordering, pattern making, costing, and production capacity.
  2. Initiate and participate in meetings with foreign customers and in-house divisions such as Purchasing, R&D, Production, Delivery, and Finance to acquire accurate information and approval before shipping the products to the customer.
  3. Coordinate and relay the information needed for sample making in English, Japanese, and Thai to Purchasing department and R&D Department.
  4. Present the cost of goods from the R&D Department to the Merchandising Manager for approval before sending the costs and the samples to the customer to acquire the orders.
  5. Gather and negotiate the customer requirements about costing. Discuss with R&D and other related departments about the needs and sending the cost to the Merchandising Manager for approval before sending it to the customer.
  6. Compile and combine the necessary information about materials, orders, and customer requirements and relay it to the Production and Purchasing Department. Set the delivery dates and follow up the order to ensure that the deliveries are according to the plan.
  7. Compile the Pattern & Order Sheet Confirmation Report as a confirmation document for the orders.
  8. Study the possibility of expanding the business in countries other than the UK and Japan.
  9. Handle the EPA documents and procedures with the Ministry of Commerce.
  10. Oversee the design and sample making, balance the number of styles and the minimum order of materials, and ensure that the samples are delivered on time.
  11. Manage the finished product stock and the material stock. Control the stock balance and use up the seasonal product’s materials.
  12. Issue and recheck the invoice that would be sent along with the export products and create a monthly sales report.
  13. Prepare the Export Sales’ Work Instruction (WI)


  • Male or Female 28-38 years old.
  • Good command of Japanese (JLPT N2) and English (TOEIC score 500 up)
  • Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Liberal Arts.
  • 3 years experience in export logistics management, export customer service, export coordinator, export demand management or related functions. 
  • Good computer skills with the ability to operate basic computer programs.

Y.M.F. International(Thai) Co., Ltd. 

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YMF International (Thai) Co., Ltd. is a leading fashion garment and apparel manufacturer in Thailand. We have been in business for 27 years with over 400 employees. Our 2 factories located in Nonthaburi and Burirum province of Thailand. Now, our 2 brand products(licensed YaccoMaricard and Shaka ) are sold in the leading department stores and at our own retail shops in fine boutique area. In addition to our retail operation, we also export our product to England and Japan. With our rapid growth and continuous expansion, we are looking for qualified person to join us for the following position


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