LINE MAN Wongnai

Marketing Specialist

LINE MAN Wongnai
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Marketing Specialist

LINE MAN Wongnai


  • 3+ year of experience in marketing or related fiel
  • Initiate and execute local marketing strategy
  • Work cross-functionally with members from the team



  • Initiate and execute local marketing strategy, campaigns, and activities to achieve business objectives in your assigned territory. For example, create promotional themes, offline new user acquisition activities, visibility improvements in the cities e.g. POSM, etc.
  • Provide support to the Regional Marketing Manager in terms of improving and implementing online and offline marketing strategies with your local insight and knowledge.
  • Work cross-functionally with members from the Expansion Team and HQ Marketing Team
  • Use keen insight and knowledge of the local market to help create region-specific marketing plans and implementation
  • Conduct on-ground market research when needed with users, restaurants, and riders.
  • Closely monitor local competitor movements and activities; provide weekly competitor analysis reports.
  • Track marketing campaigns to provide marketing reports, prepare and present reports on campaign successes and deliverables, determine the most successful ones and least successful ones, and share key learning and insights


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing or related fields
  • 3+ year of experience in marketing or related fields
  • Good knowledge of digital marketing and best practices
  • Skills using online marketing platforms, tools, and software as well as proficiency in marketing automation and analytics features
  • Experience with organizing offline local and/or regional events
  • Strong communication skills and a team player; ability to work well in a team that requires multiple cross-functional tasks
  • Strong logical reasoning and analytical skills; likes to solve problems with a get-it-done attitude
  • Detail oriented mindset, high flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt and work in fast-paced environment
  • Omni-channel marketing background (offline + online) is a plus 
  • Experience with an on-demand platform or food delivery platform is a plus


2 ปี


LINE MAN Wongnai, a merger of LINE MAN, Thailand’s No. 1 on-demand platform, and Wongnai, Thailand’s leading restaurant review and discovery platform, was announced in July 2020.

Committed to becoming the No. 1 food platform in Thailand by building the best end-to-end food ecosystem,

LINE MAN Wongnai brings together the full range of food-related services, including restaurant reviews, ordering and delivery services, other commuting services, and restaurant solutions


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