Cardinal Health 222 (Thailand) Ltd.

Manufacturing Internship (Summer 2021)

Cardinal Health 222 (Thailand) Ltd.
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Manufacturing Internship (Summer 2021)

Cardinal Health 222 (Thailand) Ltd.


  • Internship Program
  • Management trainee opportunity (EMERGE program)
  • Rayong based


The Summer Internship Program allows students the opportunity to work on meaningful, business-essential projects that will give them the hands-on experience they need to build a solid foundation for their future. The program targets undergraduate students between their junior and senior year, and acts as a preview for full-time employment and opportunities in our leadership development program (EMERGE) upon graduation. As an intern, students will have the opportunity to participate in a formalized program, designed to increase knowledge of Cardinal Health and the healthcare industry, as well as develop essential leadership skills.

Location: Rayong, Thailand

Start Date: May 17 or 24, 2021

Hours: Approximately 40 hours a week

Why Choose the Cardinal Health Summer Internship Program?

Experience: Interns work with Cardinal Health professionals, business partners, customers, and vendors on impactful projects in addition to daily work. To enhance leadership skills, each intern also participates on a planning committee. At the end of the summer, each intern will showcase their work in a presentation to business leaders.

Networking: Interns learn from key business leaders through the “Executive Speaker Series”. They also have the opportunity to network with other professionals through formal and informal networking events.

Development: Interns participate in a formal one-on-one mentoring program, as well as professional workshops to enhance their business acumen. They are also able to explore full-time career paths throughout their internship experience.

Camaraderie: The internship program offers social, teambuilding, and community service events, as well as tours to help interns build a solid network of peers.

As a Manufacturing Intern, you could potentially support the organization in several of the following ways:

  • Identify, analyze, and implement new or improved technologies or processes
  • Develop, optimize, measure, and maintain performance and productivity
  • Participate on projects and the development of solutions related to safety, process improvement, quality, capacity balance, workflow, planning, and logistics
  • Participate in Lean Six Sigma projects

Accountabilities in this role:

  • Analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to interact effectively at all levels and across diverse cultures
  • Quality and results orientation with a proactive approach
  • Ability to prioritize requests effectively and understand importance and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently with moderate level of direction
  • Must be willing to adapt to shifting requirements or priorities


Cardinal Health recruits current, full-time students who have a combination of the following requirements:

  • Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering or a related field, preferred
  • Expected graduation end of year 2021 or early 2022, preferred
  • Recommended GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale
  • Advance proficiency in English and Thai, required
  • Previous manufacturing environment experience a plus
  • Previous internship experience, preferred
  • Strong leadership, communication and analytical skills
  • Participation in extracurricular activities and/or community service
  • Must have unlimited work authorization in the Thailand with no requirement for future sponsorship




Cardinal Health Inc. ,a leading provider of products and services supporting the health-care industry. Cardinal Health companies develop, manufacture, package and market products for patient care; develop drug-delivery technologies; distribute pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical and laboratory supplies; and offer consulting and other services that improve quality and efficiency in health care. The company, head-quarter in Ohio , employs more than 50,000 people 

Cardinal Health 222 ( Thailand ) Ltd. The world's leading and largest surgical and specialty medical gloves manufacturer is now expanding its production base in Thailand situated in Amata City, Rayong. Today the number of employee exceeds 2,200 and still growing. The company is inviting suitable candidates to join its team for the following position.


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