Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., Ltd. (SCB)

Machine Learning Data Engineer

Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., Ltd. (SCB)
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Machine Learning Data Engineer

Siam Commercial Bank Public Co., Ltd. (SCB)


  • Machine Learning
  • Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Kafka
  • SQL/NoSQL/Graph data store technologies


Job Summary

As a Junior Data Engineer in SCB Data Analytics you will join a group of enthusiastic people working passionately to leverage the wealth of data for business users. You will build, set up and deliver full-fledged Big Data solutions for data-science and advanced analytics in support of identifying opportunities and driving business results with a data-driven research approach.

Job Description

  • Deliver functionality required for business and data analysts, data scientists and other business roles to advance the overall analytic performance and strategy of the bank
  • Join forces with team-mates and other data solutions development divisions in assisting data solutions delivery to implement the data-platform product roadmap
  • Develop and maintain data integration processes that are part of the bank’s data platform, whether building data pipelines or micro services or tools
  • Implement and automate optimized data pipelines, ETL solutions, model data stores according to internal business, external business and product requirements
  • Build best practices and strategies for the data platform to achieve data analytics and utilization milestones as per business and management roadmap
  • Research and introduce emerging technologies, Big Data and Data Lake capabilities
  • Obtain and integrate data and information from all sources into the bank’s data lake
  • Collaborate with data science and create reusable data-assets in order to automate and speed up machine learning model development
  • Deliver full blown productionized solutions employing mature production-ready machine learning models
  • Ensure data-assets are organized and stored in most efficient way so that all information is readily available for easy access and retrieval


  • Bachelor or Higher Degree in in statistics, mathematics, quantitative analysis, computer science, software engineering or information technology  or related filed
  • Interest in relevant experience with scripting, developing, debugging and using Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Kafka), respectively working with SQL/NoSQL/Graph data store technologies
  • Desire in getting experience with functional/trait-oriented languages
  • Willingness to develop a mature problem-solving mindset
  • Eagerness to gain a deep understanding of Information Security principles and discipline
  • Having a clear understanding of Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies

Preferred Qualifications

  • Has the know-how and the scripting and coding prowess to set up, configure & maintain a machine learning model development environment
  • Experience architecting, coding and delivering high performance micro services and/or recommenders delivering recommendations to (tens of) millions of users


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