Fuji Tusco Co., Ltd.


Fuji Tusco Co., Ltd.
Salary negotiable
Posted on 01 Mar 2021


Fuji Tusco Co., Ltd.

Job Highlights

  • Have a knowledge and skill in Hardware & Software
  • Have experience in IT Support 0-5 years
  • diagnostic the hardware problem

Job Description

Job Description

Maintenance for Windows Account by Add/Update/Delete

Add permission in Users Windows account

Setup /install /monitor Anti-Virus Program and fixed the virus in user PCs

Setup /install /monitor Harddisk Encryption Program in user Laptop PCs

Teach employees about IT Security

Support documents and process for IT Audit issues.

Control/Check the Software Licenses all server and PCs

Setup /install /monitor Firewall equipment

Control/Update/Depreciation in computer hardware.

Control/Update/Depreciation in computer software.

Setup and support users in FeWare

Install /setup and support users in OS Windows.

Install /setup and support users in MS Office

setup /control and support users/Guest to acccess internets.

Support users in computer network equipment.

Create printer accounts/add and support users in printers

Install /setup and support users in telephony.

Install and setup for access file server.

Follow in ISO documents.

Backup/Restore Data

Teach users about IT related.

Setup /repair and support users in computer hardware.


  • Male / Female, 25- 40 years
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology educational background and relevant experiences or related fields.
  • Minimum 3 years experience of IT Support
  • Have a knowledge and skill in Hardware & Software
  • Can communicate in English both speaking and writing 
  • Work under pressure and work with deadline
  • Able to work Monday - Saturday (closed Saturday, except Saturday According to company calendar)

Additional Information

Career Level
Years of Experience
3 ปี
Job Type
งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ

Company Overview

Fuji Tusco Co., Ltd was established in 2013 by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd (Fuji Electric Group) joined capital invesment at 67.7% and Tusco Trafo Co., Ltd (Tusco Group) at 32.3%, then becoming Fuji Tusco Co., Ltd.

Capitalization :   THB 866 million (USD28million @ THB31/USD). 

Established :      1996 (as Tusco Trafo Co., Ltd.)

Location :           Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Samutprakarn, Thailand. 

Share Holders :  Fuji Group 67.7%, Others 32.3%. 

Main Business : Power and Distribution Transformer, Switchboards and Panels.

Manufacturing : Transformer up to 300MVA, 245kV.

                            • Switchboard up to 36kV.

Operation start : 1996

Fuji joins operation: 2013 

No. of Employees: over 500 persons.  Located at Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Samutprakarn.

Operating hours: 08.30-17.30.

Head Office: Gate City Ohsaki, East Tower, 11-2, Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032, Japan.

To be enthusiastic, and ambitious and sensitive.


Additional Company Information

Benefits & Others
สิทธิการเบิกค่าทันตกรรม, ทุนการศึกษา, บริการรถรับส่งพนักงาน, ค่าตอบแทนพิเศษ, ประกันชีวิต, ประกันสุขภาพ, ค่าทำงานล่วงเวลา, เงินโบนัสตามผลงาน