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IT Support Level 1

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IT Support Level 1

Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd.


  • monitoring, linux, unix, IT support
  • telecommunication
  • software, support


The Monitoring & 1st Level Supporter is ensuring a 24 hours 7 days a week monitoring of production services and is the first respondent to a customers’ support incident.

Job Responsibilities

  • Working in shifts to ensure 24 hours 7 days a week service.         
  • Monitoring production services.                        
  • Creating support tickets for monitoring issues.   
  • Observing incoming customer communication (email, phone [fall-back]).              
  • Creating or ensuring creation of support tickets from customer communication.            
  • Prioritizing support tickets according to pre-defined matrix.        
  • Assigning the ticket to the proper project.            
  • Adding/merging related email or messages into existing tickets.
  • Reviewing new support ticket for their completeness and ask for more information if needed.    
  • Informing parties to work on tickets, or escalating and alerting according to pre-defined schema.
  • Creating Preventive Maintenance reports based on pre-defined procedures.       

Minimum Requirement 

  • Excellent communications ability in English, written and verbal.
  • Have good knowledge of IT, networks, web applications, and telecom-related 
  • Willing to work shifts
  • Be very analytical and fast learning

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Mobile-Technologies develop, deploy and support advanced telecom solutions for mobile operators all over the world. Our highly skilled team utilizes new technologies to achieve our business objectives and we always strive to learn and adapt new ways of doing this smarter and faster with the highest quality.

Our mission is not only to be a solution provider, but to also be the preferred and trusted partner when wireless operators are developing new strategies for solutions. We are determined to guide and support our customers so that they can gain the most out of their investment in solutions for their business.

With huge success with clients in Asia, Africa & Middle East, Mobile-Technologies is rapidly expanding our operations in all departments. Our organization prides itself on delivering the highest level of specialist service, while continuing to encourage development in our employee’s professional careers.  


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