TURTLE 23 COMPANY LIMITED/บริษัท เทอร์เทิล ทเวนตี้ทรี จำกัด

IT Officer/พนักงาน IT Support

TURTLE 23 COMPANY LIMITED/บริษัท เทอร์เทิล ทเวนตี้ทรี จำกัด
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IT Officer/พนักงาน IT Support

TURTLE 23 COMPANY LIMITED/บริษัท เทอร์เทิล ทเวนตี้ทรี จำกัด


  • 2 years experience in IT Networking/IT Support
  • On-site service (Our restaurant branch)
  • Able to Communicate in English


Job Details
1. Coordinate and collaborate with our company stakeholder, restaurants and external parties to achieve company goal

2. Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, scanners and more
3. Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades
4. Advise clients and computer users to determine the nature of problems
5. Responding to breakdowns
6. Investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults
7. Repairing equipment and replacing parts
8. Obtaining replacement or specialist components, fixtures or fittings
9. Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation
10. Checking computer equipment for electrical safety
11. Maintaining records of software licences
12. Managing stocks of equipment, consumables and other supplies.
13. Performs other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications
1. At least Bachelor degree in IT and be able to sign IT document as required by law
2. At least 2 year experience in IT position
3. Strong interpersonal skills
4. English communication skill, and computer literate
5. Strong in analytical, problem solving skills, and execution of work
6. Attend to Detail - Ensures that work is accurate, thorough and to the highest standards.
7. Positive attitude and able to work under pressure
8. Ability to use computer hardware and software.
9. Ability to proactively prioritize needs put first things first and effectively manage resources and time.


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TURTLE23 is a subsidiary of BTSG with the aim to run the Food & Beverage and related business.


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