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IoT Delivery Engineer and Support

MFEC Public Company Limited
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IoT Delivery Engineer and Support

MFEC Public Company Limited


  • IoT / embedded / M2M industry
  • Managing service level agreements
  • Passion, Professional, Teamwork


IoT Delivery Engineer and Support

MFEC Public Company Limited (MFEC) is the highly-experienced company in the computer and technology field providing IT solutions and services to top tier clients in various business sectors. We are now looking for those who have the intention to find your passion and to discover your future with us and to become Thailand’s best IT workplace with passion to create technologies and innovate solutions that uplift people’s digital life together.

What does our 'IoT Delivery Engineer and Support' focus on?

We are working on specific IoT / embedded / M2M industry such as industrial IoT applications, home automation, business automation, asset tracking and smart city.

This is a position within a strong, technical and high profile team.

- Responsibility for managing service level agreements by ensuring that all services are delivered according to contractual commitments.

- Work closely with customers and know how to manage customer relationships to achieve the best results.

- Planning and organizing are two of your strong characteristics and you are able to see the bigger picture.

- Communicate on daily basis with various customers (by e-mail and phone) and resolve support and change requirement issues starting from problem assessment and gathering details, reproducing the problem, resolving the problem (on database level, server settings, resolving bugs in the code), designing a solution, and forwarding the bug resolving/new solution to development team after which follow-up is needed: wait for the solution, test it and deliver it to customer by arranging deployment on customer servers/environment.

MFEC OKR:  As MFEC People, you will be a part of our talent team. Besides your main responsibilities, you do have special projects as part of OKR. However, the percentages will be different according to the positions and teams.

Who are we looking for?

Skills & Experiences

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical engineering or other related fields
  • Experience in one or more specific IoT / embedded / M2M industry (i.e. industrial IoT applications, home automation, business automation, asset tracking, smart city, etc.)
  • • Experience in automation development e.g. PLC / SCADA is a plus
  • • Well understanding in circuit analysis
    • Some knowledge (and experience) of programming languages, enough to follow code execution, detect code errors, debug, and make minor fixes.
    • Troubleshooting skills (patience and determination to find and solve problems)
    • Independent and self-motivated and very thorough worker
    • Good analytical skills
    • Developed communication skills, both written and verbal with great attention to detail
    • Ability to use English for communication, documentation and research
    • Some relevant experience will be considered as advantage

What we Offer?

Life at MFEC is full of creativity and determination for endless self-development. We aim to create state-of-the-art technology and innovations that improve everyone’s lives. We are surrounded by up-to-date tools in this trendy digital environment and atmosphere that will always keep your passion alive. 

  • Meet up Top Management - A great opportunity to design the work environment in cooperation with the executives who have great visions about business and technology, in order to create success together. 
  • Tech Expert Community - Working with experts within our company and our company’s partners from various global leading organizations, leading to endless technological advances. 
  • Employee Experience - Receiving the best experiences because the company supports all employees in doing what they want to do and to adapt these skills for the future. 
  • People Development - A space provided for self-development equipped with qualified personnel and modern tools in order for all employees to succeed, be the best version of themselves and meet today’s society’s standards. 
  • Workplace Wellness - The workplace and work environment are filled with adequate facilities, providing a space for limitless creativity. 
  • Activity - Activities for employees to exert their energy as well as relax, all for fun and pleasure while working. 


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MFEC - An Excellent Place to Build a Career

MFEC Public Company Limited is a leading IT Services company in Thailand. Established in 1997, its founding was based on bridging the paradigm of Enterprise Computing and the new wave of the Net Economy. With two offices in Thailand including a world-class development center, and a workforce of over 600 passionate members, we serve over 100 large enterprise clients providing IT Infrastructure Services, Business Solutions, Outsourcing, Engineering and Mobile Content Services to Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing, Education and Public Sector Enterprises in Thailand and abroad.

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