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Inbound – Outbound Co-Ordinator

Transpo Movers Ltd.
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Posted on 01 Mar 2021

Inbound – Outbound Co-Ordinator

Transpo Movers Ltd.

Job Highlights

  • Manage the move go smoothly after job won.
  • Discuss with customer on customs
  • Coordinate with warehouse officer.

Job Description

Move Co-Ordinator 1 position



  • Start inbound job in computer, input details and maintain updated record in computer.
  • Contact agent to receive necessary documents, such as customer copy passport, work permit if available at the time), copy OBL, copy packing list.
  • Contact customer and/ or local account to find out about work permit anticipate date.  Obtain copy passport / work permit if they are not provided by agent.
  • Discuss with customer on customs clearance process and requirements. 
  • Pass file/details to sea freight coordinator to input details in “waybill” page and prepare shipping documents.  
  • Pass file/details to air freight coordinator to work with the airline and to prepare shipping documents.
  • Coordinate with shipping staff, prepare document for customs clearance.
  • Follow up status of shipment with agent and update computer record.  Update status to customer / local account unit shipment is cleared customs.
  • Coordinate with warehouse officer.
  • Check crew schedule info is produced correctly with client details with client and packing supervisor.
  • Update computer system until file is closed


  • Manage the move go smoothly after job won.
  • Update all data in MW correctly and accomplish tasks within timelines.
  • Daily job checking with Shipper & Supervisor and keep sales informed.
  • Resolve the daily problem with appropriate tools to satisfy customers.
  • Obtains size/weight within 24 hrs. of outbound packing finishing, issue final invoice/ arrange to receive payment. Follow company policies, guidelines and work instructions for billing and payment receiving.
  • Pass folder to freight section to book space/ to insurance/ doc section for insurance policy production & forwarding agent documents.

Inbound Freight Co-Ordonator 1 position

  • Work at Office together within shipping staff, move coordinator for shipping documents.
  • Coordinate with Inbound coordinator, shipping line, forwarders for cargo manifest, BL amendment.
  • Receive information from origin partner, Inbound Coordinator such BL, for new shipment. Contact the client to inform shipping schedule, contact local shipping line/forwarders for tracking of the shipment status, ETA.
  • Arrange with messenger to pick-up DO/document from shipping line/forwarders with supporting documents from Inbound Coordinator and payment from accounting.
  • Check manifests consignee and description if it is not correct, the amendment to be done with shipping line/forwarders.
  • Prepare all papers from shipping line & handover to shipping staff for import customs process.
  • Arrange to return original passport, work permit from shipping staff back to the client.
  • Make arrangement with the client for delivery date, follow up with the client if any issue.
  • Report the status back to origin agent & send signed delivery documents.
  • Coordinate with warehouse for delivery date, send out service order & documents. Issue the invoice to collect payment from oversea agent.

Additional Information

Career Level
Years of Experience
3 ปี
Job Type
งานเต็มเวลา, งานประจำ

Company Overview

Asian Tigers Group is a leading provider of international relocation solutions. Each year Asian Tigers Group companies move thousands of families to their new homes from every corner of the globe. Asian Tigers Group provides a comprehensive end-to-end mobility service tailored to your transferee’s needs ensuring their smooth transfer. We are committed to delivering the very best moving and destination services in the industry without compromise. With 30 offices in 14 countries and territories; a combined annual turnover of more than US$115 million, backed by more than 1,500 full time dedicated, professional staff, we represent one of the strongest relocation groups in Asia We believe that our people are the backbone to our long-term success and therefore responding to their needs is equally as important as that of our clients and your Transferee’s. We operate an equal opportunities employment strategy and promote a diverse working environment, ensuring our policies and procedures are flexible and adaptable to better suit our team, our environment and our wider community. We are now looking for motivated staff who always aim for excellence to be part of our organization. If you are ready for a new challenge in a successful company, here is the job for you.

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