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Embedded System

Toneer Company Limited
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Embedded System

Toneer Company Limited


  • Bachelor’s degree in embedded system engineering
  • 0-3 yrs of exp. in embedded system development
  • Ability to develop the software on PC for testing



  • Develop reference designs, hardware demos, and development kits.
  • Design both digital and analog IoT electronics including system architecture, circuit schematic, PCB layout, and firmware.
  • Support hardware designs, integration, development, system debugging to make company successfully launch the products.
  • Interact directly with other designers and the design architect to ensure the compatibility of his/her work with the overall system.


  • Master or bachelor’s degree in embedded system engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering or related fields.
  • 0-3 years of experience in embedded system development, hardware board design including schematics and layout.
  • Enthusiastic in design and development of IoT and embedded system hardware.
  • Customize port and develop embedded software on RTOS and Linux/Unix.
  • Skill in 8, 16 or 32 bit microcontroller-based hardware and firmware development.
  • Solid skill in low level C-Programming such as: bit operation, pointer concept, type and effect of using the difference variable types.
  • Ability to develop the software on PC for testing purpose or serial port programming is a plus.
  • Prefer to work in the area of PCB design and prototyping.
  • Experience in EDA tool (i.e. Altium Designer, Eagle, FreePCB) is preferable.
  • Experience in test equipment (i.e. oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer) is preferable.
  • Self-learner with quick adaptation, ability to work alone and teamwork proactively.
  • Creativity & systematic problem solving
  • Able to work in an Agile/Scrum development process.


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Our company designs and delivers both standard and customized solution with smart devices. We cover to provide fit-in hardwares and user interface by experienced team staff.

Our projects are to support system integration to enhance security level and comfortable utility i.e. High level condominium, Public/Private parking area, Co-working space,


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