Primax Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Electronics Engineer

Primax Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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Electronics Engineer

Primax Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Electronics Engineer
  • Good English or Chinese
  • Electronic equipment’s detailed design.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Discuss and coordinate with colleagues to develop new circuits, technology and devices.
  • Improve electronic equipment’s detailed design.
  • Guarantee product works, is reliable and perform consistently in operating environments.
  • Update on technology and regulation development.
  • Consult with executives on electronic instruments’ objective output and need and suggest equipment types used in meetings.
  • Design electro-mechanical and electronic instrumentation and oversee purchased modules construction.
  • Design electronic modules not available for purchase.
  • Modify existing designs to ensure performance of functions by current devices.
  • Design and test new circuits and develop testing and investigation methods on new circuits and devices.
  • Draft test procedure instruction manuals.
  • Establish and update on needed equipment specifications by coordinating with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Design electronic schematic plan and oversee PCB layout and offer design validation.
  • Ensure design manufacturability and testability by coordinating with operation and ATE.
  • Solve and mitigate top level electronic design and system problems.
  • Strategize on architecture and electronic design.


  • Age 21 ~ 35 Years.
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical engineer
  • Experience 4+ years.
  • Good English or Chinese


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Mobilize the minds and hearts of all employees to build Primax into a world-class supplier in the product fields we do business in.

Business Strategy
Focus on 4 major product categories: Mobile Device, PC Peripherals, Business Equipment and Digital Home.

  • Insist on high product and service quality. Quality finds its root in the attitude of doing it right the first time.
  • Pursue growth with good balance between profits, revenues, risks and diversity.
  • Drive further automation on management and manufacturing processes. Stay competitive through continuous productivity enhancement.
  • Continue to invest in technology innovation. Be a world-class innovative company.

Core Value

  • Be a law-abiding, sensible, rational corporate citizen with positive contributions to the society.
  • Embrace sincerity and integrity as the foundation of lasting business success.
  • Search for breakthroughs, embrace changes, never satisfied with the status-quo.
  • Make optimizing the interests of customers, shareholders and employees our fundamental duty.

Company History / Operational Headquarters

  • Primax Electronics Ltd. was founded in March, 1984. After many years of hard work, we have built our business into a well known international company listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Primax hosts a diversified range of products. Our products can be categorized into 4 groups.
  • Primax has its operations and technology headquarters in Taiwan. In China, we have 3 manufacturing sites and 3 product development centers. In addition, there are sales branches in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and U.S.A. Primax is a solution provider for computing, electronics and consumer products. We believe employees are our most important assets. We are proud to have creative and dedicated employees and a forward thinking management team. The Primax management team is well educated in western and Asian cultures, possess global views and grand visions and is determined to lead Primax into future success.

Global Structure

  • Primax Electronics currently have business and logistics branches in 3 continents to service the international clients of consumer products with speed and quality.


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