Energy Absolute Public Company Limited

Electrical Engineer/Electrical Engineer

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited
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Electrical Engineer/Electrical Engineer

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited


  • Electrical engineering
  • experience in design or maintenance engineer
  • Minimum 5 years



  • To design/ maintain and improve the machinery and mechanical equipment to be operable base safety with highest practicable efficiencies
  • Provide day to day technical support including the installation of, and fault diagnosis of electrical equipment and systems.
  • Ensures all Electrical systems and equipment is maintained in accordance with relevant standards.
  • Performing site selection and major equipment selection.
  • Accomplishing conceptual plant layout, system process electrical diagram and preliminary calculations.
  • Undertaking and reviewing calculations for equipment and systems.
  • Identify equipment critical spare parts and ensure sufficient coverage to prevent extended downtime situations.
  • Participate in supplier/ internal equipment buyoffs
  • Debug and optimize automated processes to maximize cycle time and uptime.
  • Maintenance planning for the machinery and electrical equipment and uninterrupted production schedule.
  • Develop the operation and maintenance team for maximize machine operating efficiencies including continuous improvement.
Job requirements
  • Minimum 5 years relevant experience in design or maintenance engineer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering
  • Strong engineering foundations. Aptitude to learn
  • Knowledge of field testing procedures and field test equipment.
  • Ability to understand technical drawings
  • Structured thinking and problem-solving abilities. Proven through a number of root cause analysis following a data-driven approach
  • 2D/3D AutoCad, SolidWorks experience in creating/validating layouts, tooling drawings, electrical schematics.
  • Knowledge in high voltage substation, switchgear operation and maintenance and Utility System is plus.
  • Experience in automation machine or building system is a plus. 




Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (“EA”) was incorporated on March 6th, 2006 in original name Suntech Palm Oil Co., Ltd. In 2008 the Company was transformed into a public company and renamed to Energy Absolute Public Company Limited, and then the company became listed on the Thai stock market since January 30th, 2013. Since then, EA has been growing intensely in energy and utility industry and expanding into energy storage and electric vehicle based on its strategy to lead development by using advance technology.

Business Policy

VISION : A leader in alternative energy business by using the modern technology and environmentally friendly for the best benefit of consumers, shareholders, partners, and fairness to employees.


  • Promote the utilization of modern technology to increase production efficiency
  • Promote the utilization of energy crops and natural energy to reduce environmental pollution
  • Support the Government policy for energy security of country
  • Operate on the basis of fairness, trustfulness with partners and all shareholders
  • Foundation human resource to grow steadily and sustainably


Grow from Engineering and Innovation

The development for green energy industry is encouraged worldwide in order to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels which, it is believed, will deplete within this century and also the major cause of greenhouse effect.

EA’s vision and the strength of engineering teamwork have led the company to success. EA relied on its engineering and design teams to develop techniques for higher efficiency and lowered set up and running costs.

Key to success

  • Accurate strategic move along with vision in Green business with high technology
  • Fundamentally strong to design and develop technology on our own by in-depth engineering knowledge and experience
  • Integrate innovation, initiative and technical knowhow to maximize long-term economic benefits
  • Strong support from strategic partners
  • Excellent at mitigating technical and operation risk

Commit to Sustainable Development for Long Term Growth

Following the company policy and strategy carefully for the best benefit of stakeholders.

  • Deliberately choose the promising business
  • Timely seize the market opportunities with risk management
  • Maximize investment return by optimizing project cost and securing strong revenue stream
  • Strengthen our value to customer and diversified customer base
  • Well mange the financial performance and funding
  • Engage stakeholders with mindful care for sustainability